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o move or speak. There was just silence.

o move or speak. There was just silence.
Sima Nanjiu didn’t think so much. He touched the character and called, he couldn’t help it anymore.
“Master, I want to find my cousin.”
“How is your relationship with him?” Lin Xin asked casually.
“We have never met.”
“Within a radius of ten miles, there is no life except us. You must be prepared to mourn.” Lin Xin told the cruel truth with a calm expression.
The three Sima siblings all had some assumptions in their hearts, but when they heard Lin Xin speak, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.
Under the attack that was almost like a natural disaster just now, even the golden elixir monks would probably have no choice but to suffer the consequences if they could not escape.
Sima Nanjiu suddenly felt a little disappointed. Although he and his cousin had never met before, they were still related by blood, but he did not expect to be killed by his newly recognized master in this attack.
“The people from the Cave of Transformation will not let you go!” Sima Kongyan said coldly.
“Now that I’ve taken action, I’m naturally prepared to deal with the consequences.” Lin Xin glanced at her lightly.
Sima Kongyan’s body was suddenly lifted up by an invisible force and hit the stone monument on the side.
“Teacher, spare your life!” Sima Nanjiu shouted quickly.
“My sister was also angry for a moment and spoke indiscriminately.” He shouted nervously.
Sima Qing was even more arrogant and didn’t dare to show off. I could only watch as Sima Kongyan was pressed against the stone tablet, unable to move.
Lin Xin smiled and looked at Sima Kongyan.
“You have to remember that your brother is my disciple, you are not. Forget it this time, there will be no next time.”
/Sima Kongyan’s eyes widened in horror, and he couldn’t even say a word, he could only hum. Hum. There was a trace of fear and begging for mercy in his eyes.
Lin Xin then let go of the control and let it fall to the ground.
Sima Qing and Sima Nanjiu hurriedly stepped forward to comfort and support her.
Lin Xin’s attention fell on the inscription on this huge stone tablet.
“Lunar Meridian”.
The four characters are inscribed in ancient Xin script.
This is a sacrificial text dedicated to praising the moon god Shagula. What is slightly weird about it is that some syllables of the sacrificial text need to be pronounced with several tones at the same time.
After Lin Xin scanned it, he quickly found mention of You Mansion in the middle section of the record introduction.
“Empty without existence, existence without life, life without speech, Youfu said: The night sky suppresses the stars wantonly, making them unable to come out, emit light, or emit star power, which violates the natural way of the universe.”
Lin Xin frowned and searched again stand up.
Soon, records of Youfu’s speech were found in several other places.
“Is this Youfu not as chaotic as Senior Hongye said, but a great existence with consciousness?”
He had to think about this possibility.
The Lunar Nerve has d