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he Ricks family that I have never led troops to rob any of the people in the territory. Even in the past month, I have not been out.

You should also have heard about our family’s situation. All the elite members of the family were destroyed in the rebellion. If I hadn’t happened to be out visiting my uncle, I probably wouldn’t have escaped.
In order to restore the territory after the war, I had already incurred huge debts. Now that the family has not even had time to form a private army, how can they lead troops to plunder?
I have to say it has something to do with Maple Leaf Territory, that is, a group of refugees accidentally entered my territory a few days ago. Seeing how pitiful they were, I took them in. ”
After listening to Coelho’s explanation, Hudson just wanted to say, fuck! Any refugee who enters by mistake must be his own citizens.
I just don’t know which bastard among them lost the person on the road, and the refugees accidentally broke into the territory of their good neighbor Coelho.
Pies falling from the sky are not always a good thing. A weak player like Coelho was stunned by the pie.
The lord of Maple Leaf Town did not have the confidence to ask Hudson for help, so he could only let Coelho, a soft persimmon, make up for the losses.
Maybe there is more than one unlucky person. After all, it is very normal for refugees to get lost.
Even if you follow a large army, there are always people left behind. Especially when you are digging wild vegetables and looking for tree bark to satisfy your hunger on the way, you are most likely to get lost.
Thinking that the people who were supposed to be his territory had fallen into the hands of others, Hudson felt very uncomfortable in his heart. In the end, I couldn’t say any words of comfort.
“Knight Coelho, if what you said is true, I am willing to act as a mediator between you and help resolve this misunderstanding.
However, you still need to negotiate the ownership of these territorial citizens. Those guys in Northern Xinjiang are used to being arrogant, but they may not buy my fault.
My personal suggestion is that you should increase your strength first. Even if they are just serf soldiers with low combat effectiveness, they are still better than none! ”
/It’s okay to sell favors, but it’s impossible to help fight. The relationship between the two parties has not reached that level yet.
The specific combat effectiveness of the Northern Xinjiang soldiers is unknown, but they came from the orc battlefield after all. If they really fight, the losses will definitely not be small.
The Coelho knight in front of him looked like a poor man. He probably couldn’t even afford the burial expenses. Hudson would not do such a loss-making business.
However, as a qualified arms dealer, Hudson will not give up any potential customers.
The aristocracy is a relationship society. Developing a customer is equivalent to developing a customer base.
As long as the product is easy to use, people will not hesitate to recommend it to their relatives and friends. This