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scales on his body.

The mermaid’s scale defense is enough, but the problem is that no matter how high the defense is, the organs in its body are weak. The constant impact of large-caliber bullets made the mermaid seem to be slightly injured, and it spat out a mouthful of blood.
Faced with such fierce firepower from the armored ship, the mermaid did not dare to stand on the top of the waves and swayed. With a flick of her tail, she turned towards the sea.
At this time, the armored ship was full of tricks. In addition to the automatic cannon, there were also several people carrying rocket launchers to fire at the mermaid.
Unfortunately, the balance on the armored ship was not easy to control, so all the rockets fired failed.
However, seeing the mermaid diving into the water, the sailors on the ironclad ship became excited and desperately threw depth bombs underwater. After a few seconds, violent roars came from the water. Another churning bubble emerged.
The power of this depth charge is not comparable to those of rocket launchers.
/You know, depth charges were originally used to deal with underwater submarines.
The damage principle is to use the shock wave formed after the depth bomb explodes underwater to cause damage to objects in all directions. After all, due to the density of water, the shock wave caused by the explosion is difficult to weaken and can spread thousands of meters in one breath.
Therefore, if there is a submarine nearby under the water, the shock wave caused by the depth charge can easily cause damage to the submarine and sink the submarine.
There is no doubt that the mermaid did not expect that he would encounter such a weapon. As the depth bombs exploded randomly under the water, not long after, a mermaid with blood all over his body jumped out of the sea and jumped towards the ironclad ship in shock. go.
Obviously, those constantly exploding depth bombs caused enough damage to the mermaid, forcing it to leave the water and simply get on the boat to fight to the death with those humans.
Of course, those depth charges also made Wei Xiaobei’s ears feel uncomfortable.
Wei Xiaobei climbed near the stern of the ship. This area was the depth charge dropping area, so the sound was the loudest.
Although the mermaid can only exert its most powerful abilities in the water, this does not mean that it has no fighting power on the ship and can be slaughtered by those humans.
Seeing the mermaid jumping onto the boat, the sailors took up their weapons and opened fire on the mermaid. For a moment, dense bullets were mixed in the wind and waves and shot towards the mermaid.
At this time, the mermaid probably suffered a lot of damage underwater, so that the scales on its body were damaged a lot. At this time, the bullet hit the wound, causing greater damage to it.
However, this mermaid is quite ruthless. Even if the bullets hit the wound, it did not dodge at all. When its tail touched the deck, it jumped up like a dolphin, facing the sailors against the bullets, and started to pounce. During the blo