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finding the murderer of Wenzhou’s richest man.” Yue Ming read the news on his phone excitedly.

He thought that he must show Wei Renwu. Although Wei Renwu was still sleeping in the room, he must wake him up.
/“Mr. Wei, get up and take a look.” Yue Ming rushed into Wei Renwu’s room happily, but the sky above Wei Renwu was empty.
“Oops, I went out sneaking around again.” Yue Ming said to himself.
Wei Renwu walked into the third unit of “Left and Right Community” with a happy face. He was very happy today. After going to Wenzhou for a few days, he had a fire in his heart that could not be vented. He finally found a suitable time to vent at Xiaomei’s house last night. one time.
He was humming a little tune in his mouth and was about to take out the key to open the door of his house. Suddenly he felt something was wrong. Instead of opening the door in a hurry, he shouted: “Get out.”
In the corner of the corridor, a young man walked out tremblingly.
The young man shouted sheepishly: “Mr. Wei, it’s me.”
It turned out to be the novelist they met in Wenzhou – Wu Wei.
Wei Renwu felt as if the sky was about to fall, and said angrily: “Why are you still haunted? What do you want to do when you came here from Wenzhou?”
“Mr. Wei, don’t worry, I just want to dig out some material from you and I will never disturb your life.”
“You live next to me, aren’t you disturbing enough?” Wei Renwu began to roar.
“You…how do you know I live next to you?” Wu Wei said in panic.
“Please, you’re wearing slippers and I’m not blind.”
“Oh, I really came out wearing slippers.” Wu Wei, who was so cute and cute, realized that he was indeed wearing slippers.
Wei Renwu shook his head, planning to ignore him and quickly opened the door.
“Wei” Wei Renwu closed the door without leaving any chance for Wu Wei to speak again.
“What are you yelling outside?” Yue Ming asked while sitting on the sofa.
“Do you remember that novelist from Wenzhou?”
“Remember, he actually moved next door to us.”
/“Fuck, he is so persistent.” Yue Ming found it unbelievable.
“I’ve never seen anyone so thick-skinned.”
“Why does he know we live here?”
“You forgot that he has a younger brother who studies me all day long.”
“Oh, yes, he must know our address.”
“It’s so annoying. How can I live here in the future?”
“Are you moving?”
“If I don’t move, I’ve been living here for several years. He can do whatever he wants. I’ll try to avoid him.”
bang bang bang
There was a knock on the door.
Wei Renwu was so angry that his mustache stood up, and he cursed: “I’ve already gone home, and he still wants to pester me.”
Wei Renwu was about to open the door and scold Wu Wei.
But as soon as the door opened, he immediately put back his curse words. The person outside the door was not Wu Wei, but a middle-aged man in his fifties. Wu Wei was already standing in a far corner, looking around.
This middle-aged man was wearing a very expensive jacket and his hair was combed into a very oily bun.
“Smile to the sky.” Wei Renwu said in surprise.
“Renwu, long time no see.” Xiang