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still graceful and elegant, but she had already taken out the extraordinary communicator in the corner. She was very vigilant.

“Senior brother, someone has ill intentions towards me!” She contacted Wu Liuji directly.
Here, Niu Bu had bared teeth, a smile on his face, and his hair was “meticulously combed”. He stepped forward to greet Wang Dao warmly and said, “I, Fairy Leng and Brother Lu are all friends. If Talking about seniority”
/He was slapped directly on the head by Wang Dao, which made Fudao Niu’s eyes flash with stars. He spun around half a circle and almost fell to the ground.
/Wang Daoxin said, what the hell, a cow wants to come over and take advantage? No matter whether you are a recent Internet celebrity or not, you still want to add a few more!
Fu Qingming quickly stopped him. This kind of situation was not suitable for taking action. As for his thoughts, this uncle was a little unruly and just said a word.
“I’ve never seen such a shameless person!” Fu Daoniu cursed. He couldn’t afford to offend the 5-level ultra-juezi, so he backed away.
As for Wang Xuan, he happened to receive new news and walked aside to talk to someone. It was two holy insects contacting him.
It’s not good news. In the bloody battlefield, the observation station where Yiren Yuanlin is located has once again reported sabotage.
When Wu Mingxiu contacted Kong Xuan, the clay tablet of Hunyuan Shen, she shed tears. Two of her uncles had died not long ago, and there was no one to respond.
After receiving the message, Wang Xuan’s real body became really angry, and his murderous intention soared. Yiren Yuanlin went too far in bullying others. He took his sacred object but did nothing. He repeatedly prevaricated and perfunctory, leading to the tragic death of Chao Jueshi here. .
He took a deep breath to calm himself down. It was indeed necessary to choose one or two more trading partners.
Mainly, he also got another piece of bad news. The observation station in Xuankong Ridge was being targeted. When they were trying to lure the extraordinary people from Wujie Mountain recently, they were getting more and more troubled and it was hard to come forward.
At this moment, in the bloody battlefield, Wu Mingxiu wiped away his tears and decided to be stronger. Wasn’t it just to force them? Then let’s kill each other, kill each other, and kill each other!
In fact, she also received news from Wu Lindao in the extraordinary battlefield, telling her to go ahead and do it without worrying about the extraordinary battlefield. The hope of the inner mountain of Wujie Mountain is her, Wu Mingxiu, and the outer mountain is Kong Xuan. As long as the two of them can survive, If you go down, you will win the future, win without victory!
Wu Mingxiu officially took action. At this moment, the Tian-level area was full of people. She personally took the killing blow, beheading the so-called geniuses of the four sects, and killing some of the people who had the foundation.
Moreover, she found Cheng Dao, the only one in the tattoo palace, and punc