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a major event related to him.

Before leaving hell, the True Saint of Shiguangtian swept through the True Immortal area. He wanted to dig three feet into the ground to dig out Kong Xuan. At the last moment, he even revived!
/This incident had a huge impact and shocked all parties. It is fermenting in this world. Many extraordinary people are talking about it. A true immortal actually obtained this “honor”, and the true saint personally pursued it.
At first, there were different opinions on whether Kong Xuan was dead or alive. Can the true saint still be found? However, people later discovered that the Zhenxian Banner, Locking Saint Stakes, etc. did not fly back to the Holy Imperial City and Tianshen Mountain, indicating that they might still be in the hands of Kong Xuan and that he was not dead.
This is a bit bizarre.
Then, some people speculated that Kong Xuan should have escaped into the heaven-level area during that time.
/Of course, compared with this incident, Kong Xuan’s other incidents had equally huge impacts, shaking the real world.
“Although his origin is mysterious and has some relationship with Black Peacock Mountain and Five Tribulations Mountain, his true experience is that he was free-range and was a casual cultivator who ‘qualified’ the strongest disciples of the relevant sects!”
Some people did not mention Kong Xuan’s name to avoid taboos, but who could not know who they were talking about.
Of course, there are also many extraordinary people who don’t care at all. Can the Outer World Dojo really cover the sky with one hand and block everyone’s mouth? That’s not realistic.
“In a place outside the world, breaking the limit and becoming king five times means looking at the entire historical sky. They are all bright stars one after another, the highest among their peers. However, Kong Xuan is looking down at those These dazzling stars are full of starlight under your feet!”
Then, someone listed Kong Xuan’s achievements in hell. When was the strongest disciple of Time Sky, Paper Temple, and Evil God Mansion? The five limit-breakers in the legend of the dojo were all gone. They were beaten to death by Kong Xuan!
“In a world of great strife, hundreds of rivalries are destined to compete and the stars shine brightly. However, Kong Xuan’s light overshadows the stars, making the disciples of the True Saint Dojo dim and unable to compete with them. He hangs high above. ”
Wang Xuan himself felt a little embarrassed when he saw it, and he was a little too flattered.
In just a few days, the starry sea in this world was hit by an earthquake and tsunami, and everything Kong Xuan did in hell was exposed.
All parties were stunned.
In the sea of ????stars in this world, there are no 5-time limit breakers at all, and Kong Xuan not only broke through to this field, but also educated all the “5-time limit breakers” in other places.
Many people are even saying that he forced the aliens to resurrect in hell, and more than one died tragically as a result!
Of course, it is impossible for everyone to say good