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my body, my skin does have a warmer luster.

The air at night was fresh and moist. Liu Changan did not follow the highway. Instead, he tried to run on ordinary roads for a while and then took a closer straight line through some mountains and rivers.
At dawn, there were more and more barren paddy fields, and stone mountains with almost no vegetation were piled up intermittently everywhere. A national highway passed through it. Liu Changan sat by a lotus pond, washed his feet and put on shoes.
If you wear them for walking all night, your shoes will be too expensive.
Liu Changan put on his shoes and walked back to the road along the lotus pond. The moist field ridges were lined with dense weeds. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer people working in villages and towns. Even if they do not go out to work, many young people are not interested in farm work. I lost interest, and the field paths that used to have clear paths were gradually submerged.
Only when there are many people walking can a road appear; only when there are many people walking can a road be left.
In different eras, different social problems will always appear, and then different solutions will emerge to guide the solution of the problems. Liu Changan has no emotion. Everyone has the right to do what they like, and there is no obligation to hold a certain ideal. Come and give to others. Some people will give up something to give. These people are different.
/Liu Changan walked along the road to Qingshan Town. The changes of the times have not made all the traditions disappear, but they have become quieter. Today, there are still elderly people going to the market in Qingshan Town, who have been farming on their own for decades. Crops or local products, tempeh, hot sauce, dried fish, dried beans, tea, and the like are sold on the streets. As long as the goods are good, the business is okay, and the quality of life of residents in the town is also improving. Trends Yu likes things produced by farmers.
/Liu Changan looked at the things of the fellow villagers and picked a jar of hot sauce that tasted good. Zeng Shatou’s hometown was rich in hot sauce. It was used as a tribute in the Qing Dynasty. Now the local brand of hot sauce sold online is suitable for catering to most people’s tastes. The problem is that it has lost its local characteristics and is truly mellow and spicy without the salty taste of industrial products.
Qingshan Town is not a big town, with only two streets. It took more than 20 minutes to walk from start to finish. Liu Changan took a look at the hot sauce jar and recalled the time when he went to the market in earlier years. At that time, in a village People would set off in pairs before dawn, carrying loads from nearby villages, hoping to get a good place in the town market earlier. Later, bicycles became cheaper, and old men rode bicycles, carrying The old woman and the local goods arrived, so we could start off later.
Liu Changan came to Shiziping in Qingshan Town. Here is the most delicious Qingshan rice noodle in