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a lot of sacrifices, and also attracted the firepower of the Iron Sword Alliance. Why not do it.

In short, it’s free, so why not?
The top managers who received the order were even more speechless. Free is good, but once the power is handed over, it will be difficult to take it back. There are many elite people in the Elder’s House who are best at fighting for fame and wealth. It is impossible not to see this hidden danger. Even if they say a thousand words, they are not afraid of Ningzhou Lu Bei’s fist.
Coincidentally, they were also afraid and did not want to be the first to write a letter to the Elders. Now that the order was written in black and white, they felt at ease and obeyed the arrangement.
“I love you walking alone in the dark alley, I love your cheap appearance to your whimpering and roaring in the dark night.”
“What are you humming? It sounds weird, and it makes my DNA move.”
/The shuttle landed, and all the players rested on the spot, waiting for the dead soldiers to come with the order.
The characteristics of players are that they want everything and can never be satisfied. Similarly, they are the easiest to be satisfied. If they have enough experience tasks, they will do whatever they are asked to do.
The situation in Wuzhou is turbulent, and the twelve states are in chaos. It is the outbreak period of the mission, and it is conservatively estimated that it will last for two months. Faced with a huge amount of experience, players have restrained their aggressive actions, fearing that they will break their skin and legs and let their teammates take advantage of them at the same time.
“Look over there, that figure from behind looks like Principal Gao!”
“It’s so funny, can you see clearly from so far away?”
“With broad shoulders and long legs, a light step, and powerful swings of his arms, who else could have the back of such a handsome guy’s head besides our principal?”
“That’s about right. It’s so far away that the principal and the old man can’t hear you.”
“That’s not necessarily the case. People who practice immortality have sharp ears and eyes. As long as I brag enough, I can always reach the principal’s ears.”
“Speaking of hearing and seeing, a friend of mine stayed up late and reached level 40, which is the Dan Bao stage. Guess what, years of myopia was cured overnight.”
“No way, you will go blind in one night?”
“Bah, I’m serious. This game is very helpful in curing myopia.”
“I know, I know, where is the link? I’m going to buy ten boxes.”
“By the way, have you looked at the forum? There is a post that has been pinned to the top.”
“That post about rubbing a shotgun with your hands?”
“Yes, there is a great god who made arms in the world of immortality and made them purely by hand. He posted a message to form a professional team and prepared to develop a magic weapon machine tool that spans the ages. He has the drawings in his hand. If it is completed, not only the arms can be mass-produced, but also automated weapons can be mass-produced. No problem.”
“Is it possible that the m