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the city. He hurried all the way to a restaurant called “Zhenzhen Houhai” and stopped.

the city. He hurried all the way to a restaurant called “Zhenzhen Houhai” and stopped.
Divine thoughts showed that this woman was here.
After settling the fare, he walked into the restaurant and found that the restaurant was not too small. It was divided into two floors, with a singing stage in the middle and a singer singing on it.
There are many foreigners in the restaurant. It is adjacent to the embassy area. Many people come out to relax. There are also many ethnic women, dressed up in fancy clothes, sitting there drinking and listening to songs.
The atmosphere was very lively, but Li Changsheng had no intention of watching it. He sensed it and found the woman sitting on the second floor.
He went up to the second floor without hesitation and saw at a glance that in addition to the two female companions, the woman and two male companions were sitting at a long table drinking.
There were four strong men sitting around the long table, who looked like they were protecting them.
Li Yongsheng frowned immediately, because he could clearly feel the style of the New Moon Kingdom from the clothes of the strong men.
He sat down at a table not far away, and a female bartender immediately came over to recommend drinks.
Li Yongsheng had no intention of ordering wine, so he ordered a bottle randomly, and then stared at those people with the corner of his eye.
When someone turned his head, he could see clearly at a glance. Wasn’t this Ann Baker?
Ann Baker seemed intent on pleasing the three women. He was babbling and making strong body movements, just like a peacock showing off its beautiful feathers to a female peacock.
Li Yongsheng was not too busy. He sat there with a low eyebrow and listened to what they had to say.
/After listening for a while, he roughly understood that the woman and her companion were both from the Huwei tribe, and they were currently dating Anbeke. Because they both had the same beliefs, they had a great time talking.
This woman’s name is Shaguli, and she is an undergraduate at Youzhou Art Seminary. I don’t know if she has been taken care of.
Anbeike was trying very hard to please her, and she would chuckle at every turn, with a charming and coquettish look on her face.
Li Yongsheng didn’t like it. Yongxin’s aura on the other party was very weak, and it must have only been affected a little. However, since he had her aura and was hooking up with people from the enemy country, he didn’t feel very comfortable.
The people at this table chatted sometimes in Mandarin and sometimes in New Moon dialect. Li Yongsheng could only make out a rough idea, but could not fully understand them.
He was a little anxious when suddenly a figure flashed in front of him. A charming woman came to his table, sat down and said with a smile, “Brother, are you here alone?”
Li Yongsheng raised his eyelids and glanced at her. , nodded slightly, “Yes, alone.”
The charming woman smiled slightly again, “Can you buy me a drink?”
/In Li Yongsheng’s sea of ????consciousness, there are memories of n