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an combine these insights with the wonders of creation contained within the third-grade innate green lotus, we might not be able to fully understand part of the core mysteries of the third-grade innate blue lotus, and then completely refine this innate spiritual treasure.

The environment of the Qiguang Secret Realm is dim, with only the treasure mirrors on the cave walls emitting a faint light, and everything seems to be trapped in eternal daylight.
Zhang Jian sat cross-legged on the stone platform in the center of the cave. Everything seemed to last forever, and the time and space between heaven and earth lost meaning around him.
All his thoughts were focused on understanding the innate divine prohibition at the core of the third-grade innate creation Qinglian, and the source of the avenue represented by the innate immortal aura. His understanding of the rules of the avenue of creation was constantly improving.
/Purple-yellow fairy light circulated deep in the center of his eyebrows, and innate treasure lotuses with innate aura gradually bloomed from his eternal fairy light, as if integrated into the depths of all the orifices around his body.
His Taoist body seems to resonate with the rules of a great road in the dark. An innate green fairy lotus is swallowing in all the orifices around him, flowing out the innate essence of creation, nourishing the body of the Taoist, and the eternity flowing in all the orifices around him. Immortal light.
After an unknown amount of time, the slowly rotating green lotus of innate creation above the head gradually descended, rotating at the same frequency as the laws of the Earthly Emperor’s Dao flowing through the Daoguo Qingyun.
Zhang Jian did not follow the orthodox path of the three religions.
Although he was also a Qi Practitioner, he has reached the realm of Taoist Master and has become a lineage of his own.
It’s just that when the Tao reaches a certain level, different paths lead to the same destination.
I saw a perfect light above the Dao Fruit between his eyebrows gradually blooming from it, blooming into infinite light, and a bright orb was cultivated in the infinite light, illuminating the void of the world in all directions.
Inside the orb, you can see the changes in the mountains and rivers in the universe, or the underworld, life and death, and the yin and yang of all things.
This orb appeared, and the purple-yellow dragon pattern on the Daoguo Qingyun deep in the center of Zhang Jian’s brow surged again, and several phantoms emerged, and then swallowed the innate essence of creation blooming from the green lotus, turning the emptiness into reality. , which is already close to the seventy Yuan Hui Daoxing.
It is not very far from the realm of the second-turn Daojun.
Nowadays, Zhang Jian’s practice is not the path of killing three corpses, but the path of Yuanshi. Therefore, there is no special sign to break through to the second level of Daojun.
/However, Zhang Jian knew that when his Dao practice was close to the extreme of the Nine-Nine Great Evolution,