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The loss of the most important temple greatly weakened the power he could use in the divine world.
A temple that can accommodate the God of Death’s god-level strength took a lot of effort from the God of Death.
The ‘God of Death’ would not think that the demigod Arthur would leave that temple behind after defeating his divine body.
/Just think about the last temple of the ‘Storm God’. After the ‘Storm God’ was defeated, ‘Twilight of the Gods’ sent people to the original location of the ‘Storm God’ temple.
When we got there, we discovered that only a big pit was left, and the temple and its foundation had been completely dug away.
The ‘God of Death’ suffered heavy losses this time. It lost an important temple, a spiritual thought, and more than a hundred believers, including two fifth-level believers.
These more than one hundred believers are the core believers of Death in the divine world. Such losses will greatly affect the faith of Death in the divine world.
/“Alexis, just wait. When the dragon clan returns, you, the black dragon who has surrendered to humans, will become a traitor to the dragon clan and be hunted by the dragon clan forever!” ‘The God of Death’ said bitterly to himself Said.
As for the demigod Arthur, to be honest, the God of Death still hasn’t figured out what happened to the demigod Arthur.
Where did those five god-level clones come from, and what is their relationship with the demigod Arthur?
David did not return to Garmi. He directly found an uninhabited land, opened a space wormhole leading to the ‘safe point of the Zerg world’, and returned to his home planet.
He put the five god-level clones and the combat clones back into the huge divine pattern array and allowed them to practice on their own.
David himself came to the underground base. Recently, not even one percent of the computing power of the cube’s super-intelligent system has been used.
This is because all the research tasks of the cube super-intelligent system are over, and the only task now is to command the robots to build the home planet.
David released the ‘God of Death’ temple. First, he entered the main hall of the temple and came to the statue of the ‘God of Death’.
The statue of the god who has lost his divine mind stands in the center of the temple. If this is a world of gods, even if the statue loses its divine mind of ‘Death’, you can still achieve faith with the ‘God of Death’ through the statue, but the effect will be much worse.
The statue is in the Zerg world and has no connection with the ‘God of Death’, making the statue just like an ordinary statue.
David transferred a fifth-level soul clone from the soul space into the statue to replace the lost divine mind.
The fifth-level soul clone merged with the statue, and the light flowed on the statue. He could feel the situation of the entire ‘God of Death’ temple through the statue.
The materials used in this ‘God of Death’ temple exceed those of David’s previous temples, and are only slightly worse than the ‘Space Temple’.
There are many divine pat