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have been in danger.

have been in danger.
Han Bo took a deep breath and said with lingering fear: “The fourth brother, Guo Qingshan, came to Donghai six days ago not only to participate in sharing the stolen goods, but also to discuss with several principal criminals how to avenge the gangsters. He planned to find a few delivery people to go to Nangang to kill us. Informant.”
These guys are really guilty!
Commander Jiang really wanted to deal with them, but this was a case belonging to the Nangang City Public Security Bureau, and the Donghai City Bureau was only assisting.
“Comrade Han Bo, what are your plans next and what kind of assistance do you need?”
“Thank you, Commander Jiang, for your support. This is what we have considered. Rong Zhengfeng, the second oldest member of the gang, is the only one who has been exposed to drugs. If we close the net now, Rong Zhengfeng will be the only one who has ever been exposed to drugs.” Zhengfeng refuses to speak, and even if he is willing to make atonement, it will be difficult to turn the case into a solid case based on his testimony alone.”
/Now, no more than before, the judicial authorities are increasingly demanding evidence.
For example, in the poisoning and murder case in Nanzhou District, the whole world knew that the woman was the murderer, but the prosecutor’s office dismissed the case because of “insufficient evidence and unclear facts.” Extended detention violates laws and regulations, so we have no choice but to release him.
Han Bo didn’t want to make a mess, and he didn’t want to make a case with “insufficient evidence and unclear facts.” He said solemnly: “In addition, we have not yet grasped their two relatives. The special anti-drug operation is still in progress. The intensity was so great that even the Golden Triangle drug lord “Xiao Xichuan” was eliminated. The two gangsters still had goods, indicating that they most likely had a drug transport channel from the Golden Triangle. The provincial department and our bureau party committee asked us to go deep into We will conduct a thorough investigation, not only to wipe out Zhang Guixin’s gang, but also to investigate the source and eliminate the entire criminal chain.”
/For this reason, of course, we must investigate the case to the end.
Commander Jiang pondered: “Comrade Han Bo, keep an eye on the six principal criminals at the same time, and then we will investigate further. I believe you will have no problem with the police force, but the technical force may not be enough.”
“It is indeed not enough.”
Han Bo looked up. Looking at Deputy Captain Wang, he said sincerely: “I have asked the leaders of our bureau for instructions. The provincial department also attaches great importance to this. Captain Wang has come in person. If possible, we would like to set up a joint task force with the Donghai Municipal Bureau to jointly investigate This is a huge drug trafficking case.”
This is not as simple as asking for help, nor is it ordinary assistance.
Forming a joint task force means that this is both a Na