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ll men in the world.

ll men in the world.
Wen Liang still tirelessly launched violent impacts. The young woman’s narrow, virginal cavity was squeezed in from all directions, wrapping around the man’s erection layer by layer. The bone-gnawing ecstasy of pleasure swarmed in from the huge top. Wave after wave, continuous. It’s like going to an inaccessible place to explore the beauty. You think you have seen all the wonders of the world after passing through mountains and rivers, but unexpectedly when you look up and look back, you are surprised to find that there are countless beautiful mountains and rivers waiting to step on them.
With a woman like this, what more could a husband ask for!
I don’t know how long it took, but the boy’s heavy breathing penetrated into Si Yajing’s ears like a little snake, tickling her heart. Sweat fell from the tip of her nose, and dripped on the raised chest line, slowly flowing over her fair skin. The jade-like skin was wet with those two bright little particles. The air was filled with spring, and the temperature also rose a lot. Wen Liang gently lifted Si Yajing’s smooth white legs and placed them on both sides of his shoulders. His body moved faster and faster, and his hands climbed up to the top of her body at the same time. The tip is round, and with a slight exertion, the shape changes between the palms of your fingers.
/“Teacher Si, I’m coming.”
Si Yajing seemed to be aroused by the forbidden sound. She tilted her head and chewed the pillow cover, clasped her fingers on the sheets under her body, and stretched her toes toward the ceiling. She came again. An experience of ascending to the cloud.
Wen Liang clung to Si Yajing’s body, and the boy’s erection was both violent and long-lasting, spraying sixteen years of essence into her body without any reservation. It was groggy outside the window. Wen Liang forced himself to help Si Yajing clean up his body despite being drunk, and then fell on the bed. The two people who were already exhausted hugged each other and fell asleep like that.
It was almost noon when Si Yajing woke up, and the gentle sunlight passed through the gaps in the curtains and illuminated the entire room. She had a splitting headache, stretched out her hand to press her temples, and just stood up and leaned on the head of the bed, but she said “hmm” and let out a low groan of pain. I don’t know why, even after a night’s rest, my whole body is still limp and weak, I am too lazy to raise my spirits, and there is even the slightest pain in my lower body. She was in a trance and didn’t understand what was going on. The thin quilt slid down silently, revealing the pink jade rabbit like mutton fat white jade. Feeling the coolness on her chest, she frowned slightly and looked to the side. Suddenly Stunned on the spot.
The sixteen-year-old boy no longer had his usual gentle smile, but his resolute face had an unusual delicacy. His thick eyebrows were spread out, and his drooping eyelashes covered his bright black eyes, as soft as a girl’s. Soft and long, with tightly pressed li