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m crying, he will never interfere in this matter.

m crying, he will never interfere in this matter.
This has nothing to do with doting on your children, it’s just the fundamental difference between businessmen and politicians!
Therefore, whether his father’s safety or his own dignity is more important, Wen Liang will never act rashly before knowing Ji Su’s decision. Otherwise, it won’t help, and it might actually be bad.
Xu Yao was so anxious that she had no choice but to look outside the door again.
The two people in the rain were now only ten centimeters apart. Gu Wenyuan’s aggressive eyes roamed Ji Su’s body. The spreading desire and the pleasure coming from his bones made his face almost distorted with excitement.
But he is not in a hurry!
/Now that Ji Su has spoken, he is her last hope. He must slowly enjoy this process and tear off the coat of this goddess who once fascinated him with his own hands until her self-esteem, pride and future are completely trampled on. feet.
“I won’t force it. I’m not the only one who can save your father in Qingzhou. But you have to think about it, I may be the only one who agrees to help you!”
Yes, besides Gu Wenyuan, who else can you turn to?
His father was in danger, his mother was ill, and his uncle had tried his best. Who else could he turn to besides Gu Wenyuan? Besides his own body, what else could impress him?
But, but
is it just gone like this? The future you once imagined while listening to wind chimes?
Has he fallen like this? That figure that once wore a white dress and swayed?
After a long silence, Ji Su finally made up his mind, with a hint of sarcasm on his lips, and whispered: “I”
Standing in the pouring rain, there has never been a moment when Ji Su’s soft figure made people feel so distressed. As a woman, Xu Yao was completely moved. It seemed that it was not she who was standing there accepting the humiliation in a daze, but herself. The uncontrollable sadness in her heart welled up in her eyes. She turned her head to look at Wen Liang, her eyes full of pleading:
Wen Liang. Forgive me, help her, okay?
Wen Liang sighed softly and let go of Xu Yao’s hand. Before Ji Su could say those words, he kicked open the iron door and walked out. Xu Yao quickly opened her umbrella and followed behind her to cover the top of his head.
Taking this step carries a responsibility with unpredictable consequences. But facing Xu Yao’s pleading eyes, Wen Liang cannot remain indifferent!
So, give it a try! After being reborn, isn’t it to live an unscrupulous and arbitrary life?
Is there anything more joyful than this in this world?
Ji Su’s soaked clothes clung to her body, adding to the infinite temptation. Gu Wenyuan felt that the blood in his body was about to burn, but he was awakened from his sweet dream by a loud “dong” sound.
/The two of them turned their heads at the same time and saw Wen Liang in sports and casual clothes walking over. The beautiful Xu Yao was holding an umbrella like a little follower, following suit.
It’s you again, mom, it’s you again!
Before the relief on Gu We