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n find a lawyer to file a lawsuit and sue him!” Chen Zhiping and Li Hu’s eyes lit up and they agreed.

n find a lawyer to file a lawsuit and sue him!” Chen Zhiping and Li Hu’s eyes lit up and they agreed.
Wang Bo rolled his eyes at the three of them and sneered: “After thinking for a long time, you came up with this idea? Now is the era of the brutal growth of the Internet. The country’s laws and regulations on the Internet are lagging and incomplete. How can we prosecute those who follow the trend and plagiarize? What’s the use? Is it very difficult to change the style of a website? Besides, even if the country has laws in this regard, do you think a small company like ours with a registered capital of only one million and two or three big cats and kittens can Sue Internet giants like New Wolf, Sohu, and Painxun? Okay, you go out first and continue to think about any good counterattacks. We will meet again tomorrow.” Wang Bo waved his hand and asked the three of them to go out. .
After the three people left with dejected expressions, Wang Bo sat on the revolving chair, holding his chin and pondering to himself, reflecting on whether his recent participation in the blog had been too in-depth, or too overwhelming.
Therefore, even if we don’t “fight” with a few gangsters now, we will sooner or later “fight” with them in a few years. It is better to fight late than to fight early. Before the “big gangsters” have formed the same indisputable dominance over the Internet as BAT ten years from now, they rely on their own “unpredictability” and the fact that they are much more famous and wealthy than Fang Dongxing. With multiple identities, Fang Dongxing has always wanted to do things but couldn’t, but he is very hopeful that he can do them.
Wang Bo stood up from the swivel chair, looked out the window at the bustling pedestrian street, and said something that the arrogant protagonists in countless fantasy novels of later generations often said:
“If you want to fight, then fight!”
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Tang Jian, Chen Zhiping, and Li Hu left Wang Bo’s office and closed the door respectfully. Then, the three of them went to the company’s small meeting. Tang Jian took out the Yuxi in his pocket and drank one each. Soon after, the small meeting room was filled with smoke.
/The three of them smoked to relieve their boredom while thinking about countermeasures. However, due to little knowledge and experience, they have never been out of the society. They do not know the fierce competition and the dangers of society. Faced with the crowds of heroes following suit, and the sudden appearance of powerful competitors one after another, how can the three fledgling young people have any chance? What can be thought of? Depres