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lose to my purchase price. “Li Dingguo said with some stuttering.

lose to my purchase price. “Li Dingguo said with some stuttering.
“What about the cards? ”
“Shangpai store can handle it for you.
“You won’t ask for money, right? ” “Cheng Wenjin blinked as if he didn’t understand anything.
Li Dingguo was about to say that he still needed 300 yuan in agency fees. When Cheng Wenjin asked, he had to swallow it and said with some embarrassment: “How can I do it? Free help. You do it.
“Then thank you, Manager Li. ” “Cheng Wenjin nodded and finally gave a toothy smile. This smile almost made Li Dingguo laugh out of his soul. He thought to himself, if a beauty of this level can win this series, she will make three thousand yuan less if she smiles. It’s worth it.
After Wang Bo swiped his card and paid for the business that the general manager personally negotiated, the rest of the process was carried out by the 4S store employees as quickly as possible. After buying insurance and paying the purchase tax, the 4S store gave the new car free of charge. The window film, floor mats and other gadgets were quickly put together.
Finally, the staff at the 4S store printed the vehicle’s chassis code and engine code, copied the owner’s ID card, and added After picking up some other miscellaneous materials, a staff member from the 4S shop led me to the nearby vehicle management office to get the license plate.
When applying for the license plate, you need to choose a license plate. There are two types, machine selection and self-selection. If you choose the machine selection, you can get the number plate immediately, and you can choose the license plate yourself. It will take fifteen working days. Wang Bo is not interested in special license plates, and is even more disgusted with the practice of revealing one’s privacy where people can know his initials and date of birth just by looking at the license plate. He wishes his license plate was ordinary. , not attracting attention. So in the end, they directly selected a number plate.
The four of them entered the lobby of the Audi 4S store at nine o’clock, and got the plate before the vehicle management office got off work at noon. They completed all the procedures in half a day, which was really fast. .Wang Bo believes that if he had done it by himself, he would definitely not have been so efficient. It was all thanks to the three beauties around him. It has to be said that beauties often do things faster and more efficiently than men, and they can also take advantage of them. The price is cheap, otherwise, why are the public relations people mostly beautiful women?
/Neither Ma Liting nor Fang You currently have a driver’s license. Wang Bo also has a Santana next to him. This brand-new Audi is only driven by Cheng Wenjin.
But Wang Bo is a He looked nonchalant and said proudly: “Sister Wenjin, isn’t it just a ‘tetracycline’? It’s not a Mercedes-Benz or BMW. If it’s scratched, it’s scratched. Anyway, I bought so much commercial insurance, so I just go to the 4S shop to touch up the paint. Besides, if you drive less, it is better and eas