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r Tang for the generous reward totaling 6088 starting coins!

r Tang for the generous reward totaling 6088 starting coins!
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After the three girls finished singing the small chorus, Wang Bo responded with warm applause. The three of them bowed to the judges, took a bow, stepped off the stage, and began to go to the dressing room to change.
Wang Bo picked up the bag containing his suit and prepared to leave. Before leaving the gym, he first came to Zhang Xinyue and said goodbye to her. Zhang Xinyue knew Wang Bo’s true intention, so she first gave him an OK gesture, then raised her thumbs up to praise his vision. Wang Bo cupped his hands, waved again, turned and walked towards the door of the basketball stadium.
/However, he did not leave. Just like the last time Liang Ya was waiting for him outside the carport, he stood at the door with a paper bag and waited patiently while thinking about what he was going to say to Liang Ya later.
A few minutes later, three girls who had changed back to their regular clothes walked out hand in hand. Li Qianru and Jian Jifang were obviously surprised when they saw Wang Bo standing at the door. But they soon realized that their eyes were looking back and forth between Liang Ya and Wang Bo, with strange smiles on their faces.
/Having met by chance and going to school together last time, Liang Ya was not too surprised when Wang Bo was waiting for her at the door, but she felt a lot of warmth and sweetness in her heart. What surprised her was what Li Qianru said and what she and Jian Jifang did next.
Li Qianru took the initiative to break away from Liang Ya’s hand, took Jian Jifang’s arm and walked two steps quickly. She waved her hands towards the two of them and said, “Yaya, Fangfang and I suddenly have something to do. Let’s go first.”
Then she waved her hands to them . Looking at Wang Bo, he said to Wang Bo: “Zhang Zi’an, Yaya will be left to you. You have to send her safely to the Class 9 classroom.”
After saying that, the two girls ran and jumped, and soon they would fall. Wang Bo and Liang Ya, who were behind, put some distance between them.
Liang Ya blushed and instinctively wanted to chase after her two classmates. Before she could take a step forward, she stopped abruptly. She felt that if she chased her, she would leave Wang Bo waiting for her alone behind, which would be dangerous. So rude.
“These two are so unloyal!” Liang Ya said with a blushing face, slightly annoy