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for Sichuan Music!

for Sichuan Music!
Fang You, you need to have a good body, good looks, and a unique voice. It’s normal to want to be a star!
Ma Liting originally thought that after she showed a strong interest in the song, Fang You would give up because of face and favor, because she knew Fang You’s character, good temper, lack of decisiveness, and thin skin. , and don’t like to compete with others. So when she heard Fang You finish playing this song, she immediately expressed her strong interest in winning it, in order to block Fang You’s “youyou mouth”.
“Drink tea, Sister Ma. “Wang Bo used the boiling water he boiled when he first entered the house to make a cup of tea for Ma Liting.
But she didn’t expect that Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang, two Cheng Yaojin who were against her, would be killed on the way. She could not care about Fang You, but she could not ignore Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang. The two of them are on alert. Especially the little pepper Hu Xiaoqin, who is bold and direct, with a hot temper, just like Chaotian Spicy here in Shudu! Fang You is a good old man and soft-tempered, but he can’t stand the teasing of Hu Xiaoqin and He Yunxiang, and he can’t rely on these two generals. Provocation!
Discord between husband and wife is all due to instigation! Even if Fang You has no ambitions for this song, it is not impossible for him to become ambitious under the instigation of someone with good intentions.
/After all, a good voice is easy to come by, but a good song is hard to find!
After learning that Fang You had also joined the competition for “Meet”, the original strategy of directly asking Wang Bo for the song in front of everyone changed. The reason is very simple. If she opens her mouth, Fang You will also speak immediately. Should Wang Zi’an give it or not, and who should he give it to? She said that Fang Youhou knew Wang Zi’an, and she didn’t help much during the production of the accompaniment of Wang Zi’an’s song. This was her biggest shortcoming. Even if Wang Zian wanted to give the song, he would definitely give it to Fang You and not her!
It’s too risky to speak directly. It might just be Fang You’s wedding dress! The best strategy is to keep silent about the song. With Fang You’s thin skin, she would definitely be embarrassed to open her mouth even if she didn’t. If she couldn’t help but open her mouth under the instigation of Hu and He, and if she opened her mouth immediately, the prince would be in a dilemma. In the end, no one would be able to defeat him!
Wang Zi’an’s musical talent once again shone brightly when arranging and recording songs. Even Wan Yuanbo, an old gun with eyes on the top of his head, was shocked and bought the songs directly. If you can’t buy the song, you will immediately use the small money to do big things and build relationships with each other as brothers. Ma Liting saw this, and on the one hand she was glad that she had not blatantly asked Wang Zi’an for a song before, but on the other hand she was even more determined to get the song!
/This is a once-in-a-lifetime o