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hem. They played very hard throughout the game, and it was normal for them to fall on their backs.

hem. They played very hard throughout the game, and it was normal for them to fall on their backs.
But it’s a pity that they faced the Warriors two days later than the Mavericks.
/The Warriors’ concentration in this game was completely different from the previous two games.
The game can basically be summed up in this sentence:
the Pacers are fierce, the Pacers open up, the Pacers go up, and the Pacers GG.
The Warriors basically didn’t give the Pacers many chances throughout the game.
After the game, on the Pacers side, both Granger and Randolph were speechless.
It’s not that they didn’t fight hard, it’s that they really couldn’t.
/And the interesting thing is that after the game, the Warriors players were very calm. This abnormal calmness is even more terrifying.
In fact, the outside world also knows that it is completely normal for the Warriors to win more than once and lose one game. People like the Pacers also have a mentality of taking advantage of the situation.
But no one expected the Warriors to adjust so quickly.
It was like I wanted to take a breath, but as soon as I took the breath, before I could exhale, I found I couldn’t breathe again.
This is where the feeling of suffocation comes from.
They immediately started another ten-game winning streak
, as if the winning streak was just for fun.
In addition to Sun Hao, Durant and Oden, there is also Ibaka instead of Curry!
Because of Kobe’s existence, Curry is basically impossible at this time.
But the small ball storm set off by the Warriors made Ibaka’s popularity skyrocket.
Moreover, after James traveled east, his forward position was not so absolute. With the Warriors’ strong aura this season, it is not impossible for Ibaka to start.
one month later.
The all-star roster is out.
Ibaka unfortunately lost the starting lineup, and he finally lost to Nowitzki, who was in extremely hot form this season.
But he was finally selected as an All-Star substitute!
It is a pity that the competition for guards is too fierce. Curry was not selected in the end. Nelson was also automatically avoided this year because he was the head coach of the All-Star Game last year. The Warriors failed to complete the feat of five people being selected.
However, this icing on the cake record does not affect the Warriors’ selection of four players, which is enough to illustrate their strength.
His current Warriors career achievements include only one regular season MVP.
Of course, any other honors this season are secondary. It’s all like this. The final championship is their only goal.
Time flies. After the All-Star Game ended, each team completed the final reinforcements of the season after the buyout deadline.
The most eye-catching thing is the Knicks. They waived “Big Z” Ilgauskas and then signed Marcus Camby!
Camby still has a year and a half on his contract with the Trail Blazers. This buyout cost him about $4 million in salary.
This kind of buyout is unusual, but completely understandable.
As the second overall pick