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derous intent.

derous intent.
Just when everyone thought the two were about to conflict, he suddenly reached out to Sun Hao.
“You played well.”
This sentence came out of Kobe’s mouth, which surprised everyone.
Especially Phil Jackson, he knew Kobe very well and knew how difficult it was to win Kobe’s praise.
Sun Hao actually did it!
Moreover, Kobe was angry at the beginning, and now he actively reaches out to Sun Hao.
The attitudes before and after were completely different.
But this is Kobe.
He can protect his little brother, but as long as he approves of it, he can forget about the so-called protector.
Sun Hao grabbed Kobe’s hand and stood up.
But he still refused to accept it, and he was ready to have another round with Kobe.
“The host triggers a hidden mission.
[Real and Fake Mamba]: Defeat Kobe in a one-on-one match.
Mission reward: [Kobe Bryant’s turnaround and fadeaway shot package]: Increase waist and abdominal strength by 10%, increase stability of turnaround and fadeaway shot by 20% .”
After seeing the introduction of the system, Sun Hao immediately climaxed.
20 shooting stability, what a perverted bonus this is!
/There is also a 10% waist and abdominal strength bonus, which is simply good news for men, bah, that is simply good news for the court.
You must know how much of shooting technique is related to waist and abdominal strength.
And with a good waist, you can be so unscrupulous on the court.
Positions, attributes, badges, and shooting packages, the more Sun Hao looked at it, the more he felt that the Big Devil system was similar to that of 2K.
But it was precisely this that made him feel like an experienced driver.
Well, he originally wanted to fight again, but the hidden mission happened to be triggered. If he didn’t fight, he wouldn’t be human!
“One more game?”
Sun Hao looked at Kobe with high morale.
Now Kobe is no longer the person who is difficult to beat in front of him, but a thick book of experience.
The one with golden light!
Kobe was stunned for a moment.
He did not expect that Sun Hao would ask for another round.
Not only Kobe, but everyone present did not expect it.
Sun Hao is a bit tough!
But after Kobe reacted, he nodded seriously.
And there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes.
The Mamba Mentality is tempered into steel.
Not only is it challenging stronger opponents, but it is also the spirit of not admitting defeat.
At this time, Kobe may not have realized his Mamba Mentality, but birds of a feather flock together, and he instinctively has a favorable impression of his own kind.
Ever since, with everyone watching, the duel between Sun Hao and Kobe continued to unfold.
After Sun Hao’s offensive method became familiar to Kobe, it became more difficult for him to score.
“One more game?”
But what happened next surprised everyone again.
Sun Hao, asked for another round!
“Come on!”
Kobe’s reaction was equally unexpected.
He agreed again!
And the admiration in his eyes became even stronger.
/Perhaps in the eyes of most