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Spanoulis replacing Payton is definitely an upgrade.
It depends on who the Lakers will select with this pick.
With Payton and Damon Jones as a combo guard, there is a high probability that it will be Blatche.
But Tatum’s choice on the air was surprising.
The Lakers traded away a combo guard and drafted another!
Moreover, this combo guard is also average in defense and even shorter!
The only explanation is that the Lakers have targeted power forwards for reinforcements in the free market, and they should already have a target candidate.
And, the team management has great trust in Sun Hao.
Lou Williams, also known as “Reed” by fans in Sun Hao’s history, and the well-known meme: On a street in Los Angeles, ask who is the father.
As a substitute, he averaged 20+ points per game. Even if he did it in the small ball era, it is enough to illustrate his ability.
Payton can still play for a year or two, and Williams is just under development to take over in the future, so there is nothing wrong with it.
Payton plus Williams, not to mention other positions, the Lakers’ defense configuration has been upgraded to the Plus version.
Sun Hao will be under much less pressure in the regular season next season.
The draft continues, quickly reaching 50, and then continuing to 55.
Sun Hao and Yi Jianlian looked at each other. It seemed that Zhu Fangyu had no chance of being selected.
This is normal. At this time, overseas players are popular in different places. I would say that they should be European defenders and big men from other places.
On the front line, the United States has a lot of them, and there is really no shortage.
Tatum also walked from behind the scenes to the stage for the last time, his smile brighter than before.
After announcing this last draft, he has successfully completed his task.
Just as Stern was in and out, he was in and out thirty times.
It looks easy, but it’s actually quite tiring.
Sun Hao and Yi Jianlian were also ready to get up and leave.
“I have to call Xiao Zhu to comfort him.”
When Sun Hao stood up, he took out his cell phone from his pants pocket.
What Yi Jianlian said, “He was afraid that he would be sad” sounded a little funny, but it was actually quite helpless.
If there is a good opportunity, who as a professional athlete would not want to play in the NBA?
If you have no idea about the NBA, just find a place for yourself.
Including Bodiloga, the “strongest player outside the NBA” who was a teammate with Sun Hao, he didn’t come to the NBA because the NBA draft was too low.
/If he were to be selected into the top three at that time, the buyout fee would have to be paid out of his own pocket.
/Sun Hao stopped taking out his cell phone.
Even Yi Jianlian suddenly raised his head and looked at the stage.
Then, the two looked at each other again, looking at each other.
Did they hear it right just now? Did the Lakers select Zhu Fangyu with the 60th pick?
Both of them felt doubts in each other’s eyes, and then they both turned the