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uted the ball to Nowitzki.

uted the ball to Nowitzki.
Nowitzki caught the ball and went straight to the basket. He looked fierce after gaining weight.
Camby was afraid of Nowitzki’s shot and flew out, but Nowitzki took advantage of the situation to speed up and squeeze through, and then steadily sent the ball into the basket with one hand.
A classic pick-and-roll collaboration between Sun Hao and Nowitzki.
Dampier protected the defensive rebound and the Mavericks played defensive counterattack.
Finley followed up from the right and received a pass from Sun Hao, flying for a layup.
This was a typical Mavericks-style defensive counterattack.
But the moment Finley took action, a figure suddenly flew from behind him.
The speed was as fast as lightning, and Finley had no time to dodge.
In the astonished eyes of the fans at the scene, James chased from the frontcourt to the backcourt and directly performed a nail-biting block on Finley!
This talent directly stunned the fans at the scene.
Is this the No. 1 pick in 2003?
This is why he was able to suppress the omnipotent Anthony on the offensive end and become the No. 1 pick!
After blocking the shot, James also grabbed the defensive rebound, and after landing, he turned around and hit the fast break!
This amazing jumping ability is paired with incredible body balance. This kind of physical fitness is rare in history!
The Mavericks are all on a fast break, but Dampier has not passed midfield. He retreats to the free throw line, where he can defend both breakouts and shots.
But James had no intention of stopping once he entered the three-point line, and went straight to the frame.
Dampier stretched out his hand to stop it, but he soon found that he was not prepared enough and was knocked away with his hands and others.
/The referee’s whistle sounded, indicating Dampier’s blocking foul.
But James didn’t stop at all. He jumped into the air as if he stepped on a spring, and directly pulled the ball to the highest point with his right hand.
In the shocked eyes of the fans at the scene, James performed a tomahawk, no, James ax smash!
After landing, James raised his arms and roared at the sidelines.
The Mavericks’ award ceremony before the game put pressure on him. With this dunk just now, he completely released that pressure!
FMVP and defending champion are meant to be defeated!
“LeBron’s talent is the most outstanding in the new century.”
/Kenny Smith couldn’t help but marvel in the commentary box.
I just chased the shot and made a one-stop reverse dunk. This was never played like that before.
Buckley nodded.
This is why he said in the draft that the Nuggets selected James 99.9% of the time.
People who have watched Anthony play will be impressed by his kaleidoscope of offensive skills, but if you have watched James play, you will definitely think that he is the best.
In other words, Anthony would most likely be the No. 1 pick in other years, but if he runs with James, the No. 1 pick will definitely go to James.
“Stick! Defend!”