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detailed works? If they are gone, they are gone!” After saying this, he waved his hand to drive Zhao Yun away.

detailed works? If they are gone, they are gone!” After saying this, he waved his hand to drive Zhao Yun away.
Zhao Yun’s face darkened.
/At the right time, Liu Bei smiled and said: “Brother, it is an important period to attack Dong Zhuo. The details can determine the overall situation. This is a small thing, so we must pay attention to it.” There is a saying that a person’s small words are light, but a great person’s words are heavy. The same words were said from Liu Bei’s mouth, but the effect was different. Gongsun Zan nodded and said: “My dear brother is right. You are” ”
My lord, I’m Zhao Yun.”
Gongsun Zan said “oh” and said: “I’ll leave this matter to you, be sure to catch those craftsmen. ”
/Gongsun Zan bowed to Liu Bei again before going in and resting.
Zhao Yun looked at Liu Bei gratefully and said with cupped hands: “Thank you so much, Ambassador Liu!” Liu Bei smiled and cupped his hands and said: “No need to say thank you, it’s just to do my part to win over the traitor Dong. Without further ado, General Zhao, go and get busy. .” Zhao Yun respectfully said “goodbye” and left in a hurry.
Liu Bei and others then headed to the headquarters camp. Guan Yu sighed and said, “This Zhao Zilong has all his skills, but under Gongsun Bogui’s tent, his sword is hidden and his pearls are covered in dust.” Zhang Fei also said, “What the second brother said is absolutely true. Brother, now is the time to employ people. This Zhao Zilong Since you don’t have your ambition, why don’t you ask for it from Gongsun Bogui. If you want to use your brother’s friendship with him, he will not refuse.” Liu Bei said: “A thousand pieces of gold are easy to get, but a general is hard to find! However, this matter needs long-term consideration. Now I’m waiting for someone else to ask for it rashly, for fear of creating a gap.” Zhang Fei said: “Brother, don’t worry! In a few days, I will kill a few more thieves and generals, and I will have meritorious service, and I will get my brother a prefect and governor.” ”
Haha. “The third brother was joking.”
The three brothers joked all the way, and soon they were submerged in the sea of ??tents and tents.
And what about Yin Kuang? With the military card of Gongsun Zan’s troops, he was able to move freely through the alliance camp. As long as it wasn’t an important place for weapons and supplies, no one would make things difficult for him. In this way, Yin Kuang inquired all the way and successfully arrived outside Cao Cao’s camp. Sure enough, before Yin Kuang entered the camp to find Li Shuangmu, a sergeant had already walked up to Yin Kuang and said: “Your Majesty, the president asked me to take you in.” This man was obviously a college student.
Yin Kuang nodded and followed him into Cao Cao’s military camp.
“Are you from Li Shuangmu’s class? What’s your name?”
“I’m with Tian Zhongshi.”
Tian Zhongshi was obviously a man of few words, so Yin Kuang stopped asking any more questions. Soon they arrived at Li Shuangmu’s military tent. There were four people in the mi