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So Aslan’s presence and absence are the same, at least until the truth is revealed.

So Aslan’s presence and absence are the same, at least until the truth is revealed.
The world between heaven and earth is still filled with fog, and everything is shrouded in gray fog.
“The meeting ends here. Everyone must be more vigilant and strengthen reconnaissance. The enemy may launch an attack at any time. In addition, we have a day off today, and we will strike first tomorrow!” In the
king’s tent, Yin Kuang clenched his fist and said, “Everyone must work together and fight bravely to overthrow the cruel dark regime of the White Witch and restore peace to Narnia. Everything, for Narnia!”
/“For Narnia!” the participants shouted loudly.
“Well. If nothing happens, let’s disperse.”
“Yes, Your Highness!”
After the Narnia creatures dispersed, Edmund said to Yin Kuang: “William, let’s have a sword show, how about it?” Susan said: “Edmund, don’t be ridiculous. William still has a lot of official business to deal with. He has to train you to find Oris.” Edmund said: “I will definitely lose if I fight Oris, so there is something else. What do you mean?” Lucy said: “You may not be able to defeat William.” Edmund shouted: “How do you know I can’t beat him without a comparison? William, just leave the official business to Yoda. It’s A very qualified prime minister. Just go sword-fighting with me.”
Yoda is an ape with golden hair. He has outstanding wisdom and is recognized as a wise man. At the same time, it also has excellent governance capabilities and is the future prime minister appointed by Aslan.
Yin Kuang thought for a while and felt that it was necessary to practice with Edmund. He also wanted to touch Edmund’s foundation and see how effective the legendary “pig’s foot halo” was on him. However, it seems that Edmund is the only child of the prophecy who did not receive gifts from Santa Claus and Aslan.
Just when he was about to agree, a golden ape suddenly opened the curtain and walked into the king’s tent. Then he bowed like a gentleman and said, “Your Highness William, there is a ‘Son of Adam’ looking for you outside. He said he is your companion.”
“My companion?” Yin Kuang nodded, stood up, and said, “Where is he?”
Yoda smiled and said, “Your Highness William, I will leave the matter of welcoming the guests to you. Please sit down.” After saying that, without waiting for Yin Kuang to speak, Yoda turned around and left the king’s tent.
Edmund said: “Yoda is really a capable ape. He takes care of everything we have. We don’t have to worry about it at all. It’s great to be your highness. You don’t have to do housework, weeding, and so on. I’m worried about being scolded.” Susan said: “Edmund, if you try to be lazy, I will spank you!”
Edmund said: “I won’t tell you anymore, I’ll go out to practice swordsmanship. Only those who practice swordsmanship will be great. Only then can we defeat the enemy. Especially Peter, I must beat him awake!” After saying that, he grabbed a long sword and left the king’s tent.
Susan apologized to Yin Kuang and said, “Don’t be offended. Edmund is just like