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uite familiar with this dialect.

uite familiar with this dialect.
Thinking that even if it was not standard, the other party would only guess that it was because he had stayed in the United States for a long time. He secretly gritted his teeth and relaxed his muscles, forced a smile, and said in Jianghuai dialect: “I know, you can take whatever you want, and there will be no one.” I’m causing trouble for you.”
/Those people looked at the boy in surprise.
The middle-aged man surnamed Zhao pushed him into the cave. Several unconscious people were piled into a pile and asked him: “Ancestor Jiang Su?” ”
Han Xuan had a particularly bright smile on his face. I can rely on my mind.
Gabriel and the others have taught that the closer you get to a robber, the harder it is to attack him. Unless you are truly mentally ill, it will be easier for your child to survive.
Secretly cursing Winnie, this idiot, his nose must be able to smell the smell of strangers, why hasn’t he brought anyone over yet? I’ve been pumped with adrenaline for a long time, and I’m about to faint from the smell of hormones. Don’t you know I’m in danger? !
Zhao Hongqi laughed out loud, pointed the gun at the stone wall, and pointed at several murals, “What do these totems look like?”
He raised his head.
They are two circles respectively; a figure kneeling in front of the basin, wavy lines representing hair; sheep-shaped pattern; snake-shaped pattern.
There are many such things on the entire mural, and similar ones were also found in the Kukulikan tribe. The person who asked this must have a deep meaning.
Stare carefully and think of something.
Suddenly thunder exploded in my mind, and I blurted out: “Oracle Bone Inscriptions!!?” ”
Hey, the little guy still knows Oracle Bone Inscriptions. It seems that the old things in China have not let go. In the Shang and Zhou Dynasty Oracle Bone Inscriptions, the two circles are the characters for “Lu”, Sheep and Snake. There is also a wash.”
Han Xuan was shocked, “How can there be oracle bone inscriptions from the Shang and Zhou dynasties in America? This is impossible!”
“What is impossible, Qiyan, tell him.” Zhao Hongqi pointed at a Dai Yuan The man with thin eyes said proudly.
“Yes, not only in appearance, but also in living customs. We were tracking something in the country and found the tomb of a princess from the Shang Dynasty. A large number of shells and tortoise shells were found in it. Those shellfish and tortoise shells are specialties of America.
Later, I checked the classics of the time. According to legend, King Wu of Zhou Jifa united eight hundred princes and crossed the Yellow River to attack Shang Zhou.
At that time, King Zhou’s army was led by You Xihou and Mo Yuhou, and fought against Jiuyi from east Lu to Jiangnan. Unable to mobilize them, King Zhou temporarily organized an army of 700,000 slaves to compete with the Western Zhou Dynasty.
However, the slave army later turned against the enemy, King Zhou of Shang was defeated and died, and the Shang Dynasty was destroyed. The army