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Luxury of Despair”, with my face on it.

Luxury of Despair”, with my face on it.
It was said that when an unemployed worker who was protesting against the expansion of the group died unexpectedly, I was still entertaining family and friends at a restaurant in New York’s Upper West Side, and I showed no mercy when faced with doubts.
Listen, he said that I have no mercy. Is it reasonable for me to give up lunch and attend the funeral of that idiot who stayed in the wild to protest in Dongyao and was suffocated to death? ”
“If you are willing to attend his funeral, it is better than the boss,” Zhang Lisheng just complained, but Charlie, who had just ran into the office and was still breathing heavily, said with a wry smile: “Our expansion has indeed caused a lot of people. of unemployment.
Although this can be said to be the inevitable result of the disruptive innovation of the entire slaughtering industry, if there is any instigation, it will still cause many adverse effects and will also make our acquisition path difficult…” ”
So I will Attend the funeral of the protestors today and give all unemployed workers a job opportunity tomorrow; will you wait for the fate of bankruptcy tomorrow?” The young man choked his ‘manager’ words and turned his attention to the legal officer. , “Edward, from a legal perspective, do we have an advantage in this matter?”
/“Boss, at present, unless a company is willing to spend a lot of money to clearly file an antitrust lawsuit against LS Group, the Ministry of Commerce will not take the initiative to file an antitrust lawsuit against LS Group. We have initiated anti-monopoly procedures. The US government has always been quite tolerant towards industries caused by new technologies.
However, if Mr. Emerson really makes any unfavorable remarks in the media, then I am afraid we have no good solution. Restriction, after all, ‘freedom of the press’ is one of the basic civil rights stipulated in the constitution.
As the chairman of the board of directors of LS Group, you can be regarded as a member of the public, and the ‘right to privacy’ you can enjoy is actually very minimal.” ”
Oh, Suddenly having a successful career has turned into a bad thing, right?” Zhang Lisheng sat on a large and comfortable office chair and frowned, “Then if we hire the best lawyer…” ”
Boss, I am Mi Guomin As one of the best lawyers in litigation cases, I can tell you clearly that a tough attitude on this matter will only be counterproductive and will amplify the impact of the adverse event.” ”
Then it seems that the only way for me is to go directly. Tell Mr. Emerson to shut up.” Hearing Edward’s warning, Zhang Lisheng was silent for a while, then suddenly smiled sinisterly with his eyebrows stretched, shrugged without any scruples and said, “Originally, because he is Ladi’s friend, I didn’t want to do this, but Now it seems that it is the most effective to deal with this kind of thing in the simplest way… Forget about Charlie and Edward, let’s talk about something constructive. I asked Maddie to buy it…” ”
/Boss, forget abou