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th and asked his in-laws, “You haven’t eaten either, right? Can you buy some here?”

th and asked his in-laws, “You haven’t eaten either, right? Can you buy some here?”
“Okay, I fell asleep on the plane, so I had something to eat in the morning.” Guo Muzhou smiled, pulled out a chair and sat next to his grandson.
Outside the door, Lopez’s bodyguard was lecturing Irving. He could vaguely hear him saying that he shouldn’t leave and what to do if something happened. Mr. Han waved and shouted: “Come in, I’m afraid I won’t have time until evening. First, Eat something.”
Han Xuan wanted to say that the taste was not good and that he should find another restaurant, but the boss had already come over with the menu, and the enthusiasm on his face was hard to refuse.
“By the way, grandpa, I will bring Anya’s comics back later and help her distribute them at Marvel.”
“What, Anya, you still draw this?” Guo Muzhou only knew his grandson as a friend, and he spoke in a kind tone.
“My usual hobby, I heard Han talk about it, and then I drew it.” Anya narrowed her eyes and smiled. She had seen these people before, and there was nothing formal about them.
Mr. Han liked this quiet girl very much and asked with a smile: “Where do you go to school now? It’s nice to live here. It’s more comfortable than before.”
“St. Ann’s Middle School in Brooklyn will start school in a few days.”
On the other side, the boy’s grandfather always felt that he couldn’t do anything without a lesson. He twisted Han Xuan’s ears and said in a louder voice: “Are you crazy? Five hundred million dollars? You want to give me interest? What do you want in return?”
“It hurts, hurts!” A lot of people are watching.”
Han Xuan bared his teeth, waited for his grandfather to let go of his hand, and said: “Didn’t you agree and want to regret it? The investigation is not easy to collect. It has just been entrusted to McKinsey Consulting Company to do it, and there should be a conclusion soon. But I must be right.”
The boss heard them talking and asked what they wanted to eat in broken Chinese. Guo Muzhou looked at him unexpectedly and replied with a smile. The owner of this restaurant saw that they could understand what he said, so he gestured happily. Thumbs up.
“Well, since the economic crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, European and American countries have transferred a large amount of funds to other countries, such as South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, which have developed rapidly in recent years. The shadow of those flowing capital can be seen in the process of their rise. Subsequently As the economies of these countries grow, the prices of labor and raw materials in labor-intensive industries also rise, and the burden on enterprises increases, which will inevitably shift to new low-cost developing countries, promoting the economic growth of these countries. This will lead to the rise of countless local markets , cars are one of them, so I want to get involved in this industry.”
Han Xuan said seriously.
/“Now that the U.S. economy is growing slowly, there may be a new round of hot money transferring outward. What you