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if they had already gone home. Come here, I estimate that you will have to work all night to successfully arrange the press conference site tomorrow.

if they had already gone home. Come here, I estimate that you will have to work all night to successfully arrange the press conference site tomorrow.
This group of employees who came over will be temporarily quarantined and are not allowed to bring mobile phones or access the Internet. Seeing such a huge formation, many people don’t understand what’s going on. Occasionally they look at the empty display cabinets and guess what products will be installed in them tomorrow. The young boss has not hosted a product launch of Blueberry Group for several years. In their opinion, it should be a very powerful product.
PPT, videos, personnel arrangements, public relations and other matters have made many people nervous and worried that they will not be able to complete high-quality layout work on time. Media from various places who received the news also rushed to Xueshan Group and prepared to get closer. If you drive overnight, you can buy a flight ticket for a longer distance. If you can’t buy economy class, you can also take first class. Anyway, the cost will be reimbursed by the company.
News related to Han Xuan has always attracted much attention. Nowadays, even a small matter such as which country to travel to, the influence will be expanded many times. Last year, I took the time to go to Switzerland for vacation. More than 3,000 people gathered at the airport exit. The crowds of people on board the plane paralyzed the order of the airport. This time, they received the news of the press conference temporarily, and the invitation letter also had the slogan “A new era is coming”. Countless reporters were as if they had been given a shot of blood, and they were excited about tomorrow. The press conference is eagerly awaited.
Han Xuan didn’t need to worry about these things for the time being. He had already lied down on the bed after taking a shower. He was not sleepy yet. He didn’t want to take the books in the study and just played with his mobile phone. He was thinking about what will happen when the smart era arrives. What development opportunities are coming, such as mobile payment, mobile games, various application software, etc. The market size is so large that it scares him.
Suddenly he remembered Android, the rival of Apple’s iOS operating system in his previous life. Now he holds most of the patent rights of the Android operating system. This made Han Xuan sincerely lament how lonely Invincible is.
/Fishing fires can be seen on the San Francisco Bay outside the window, and in spring The fishing ban time has passed, and some fishing boats are fishing in the dark.
The old steward Elner of Seventeen Mile Bay was also busy organizing fishing boats to go out to sea. He was already very old. As for the old steward Adolf of Beverly Hills, he passed away at the end of 2003. He passed away peacefully and without any trace of illness. Painfully, he did not take care of the manor as usual that morning. The servant walked into the room of Adolf the butler and found that he had passed away.
Death was like a lig