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und, the dozens of zombies just now were very… Maybe he was taken away from here.

und, the dozens of zombies just now were very… Maybe he was taken away from here.
From those messy blood-stained footprints, Liu Qian also saw a few particularly large footprints, going in another direction. These special large footprints reminded Liu Qian of the mutated animal he killed in the square. Zombies.
/When you enter the yard, there is a building directly opposite. There is an open space in front of the building, but it has been turned into a slaughterhouse. Dozens of corpses are lying in a mess. Some corpses have been blown up and burned. There are also several The zombies were lying on the corpses, greedily devouring the meat and internal organs of the corpses.
/Needless to say, this place must have been a large camp built by players or survivors before. However, after dawn, it encountered a wave of zombies and a mutant zombie. Although there is an iron gate at the gate that looks very strong, it is useless and vulnerable to the impact of the huge body of the mutant zombie.
These people fought desperately against the zombie tide and mutated zombies, but the strength of the two sides was too far apart. Looking at the footprints, only two groups of players finally escaped from the yard. Three people fled with the zombie wave to the direction of the hardware store where Liu Qian lived last night, and eventually died there. There is another group of people who were probably chased by mutated zombies and fled in another direction. They are probably in danger now.
Liu Gan looked at the corpse on the ground, as well as the backpack on the corpse or the boxes scattered beside the corpse. After hesitating for a moment, he walked into the yard.
Several zombies that were lying on the ground devouring corpses raised their heads, let out deep roars from their mouths, stood up suddenly, and lined up to rush towards Liu Gan.
Liu Qian held a knife in one hand and an ax in the other and rushed towards several zombies. He instantly knocked down the two zombies that rushed in front of him. Then he jumped up and kicked the two zombies behind him with a spinning kick. When he landed, he held his hand The short ax fell again, hitting the last zombie on the head.
After pulling off the hatchet from the zombie’s head, Liu Gan turned around and quickly killed the two zombies he had just kicked away. After confirming safety, he began to search for the backpacks and suitcases of the corpses on the ground. Pan Hua and Lulu followed cautiously, and after finding that the courtyard was safe, they quickly came over to help Liu Gan search through the backpacks and suitcases.
This time the three of them had a great harvest. They found a lot of food, bottled water, and even some canned and bagged food. They should be food that these people had collected elsewhere but had not had time to consume. The three of them filled four large backpacks and two wheeled suitcases before they could barely carry them all.
“Boss, let’s eat something here before leaving?” Pan Hua suggested to Liu Qian. He didn’t eat much last night, and n