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ange abilities launch a second round of attacks on them, and then the players with medium- and short-range abilities launch a third round of attacks on them.

ange abilities launch a second round of attacks on them, and then the players with medium- and short-range abilities launch a third round of attacks on them.
Finally, the legion and the zombie tide collided together at close range, and the short-range attack team members surged up to strangle them. Once a team member was injured, they retreated on their own or asked other teammates to assist in sending them back to the center of the legion. Team members with healing powers immediately stepped forward to treat the injured team members.
Many people are novices, even entering the battlefield for the first time. They will definitely be a little confused at the beginning, but after training for a long time and becoming proficient in cooperation, they will be able to deal with various situations more calmly. There will inevitably be some unexpected attrition during the entire process, but those who will be eliminated are basically those who have poor combat talents or have character flaws who are unwilling to cooperate with their teammates. Such players will only hold back the team and be eliminated. It’s no shame to reduce the number of employees.
/As a large number of black-spotted zombies were hunted on the edge of the city, the levels of the players in the five legions increased again. Competitions and competitions also started among the five legions. The slogan Liu Gan put forward for them was to ‘eliminate the weakest’. The competition between the five legions was not who had the strongest combat power, but which legion had the fewest weaklings. The training focus of each legion is currently on how to help the weakest members of the team improve, rather than making the strongest members stronger.
After rounds of training, the level 5 players slowly disappeared, and the worst players were promoted to level 6. Then the number of level 6 players gradually decreased, and gradually they were promoted to level 7. As the level of the team members increases, the combat effectiveness of the battle group becomes stronger and stronger.
Half a month later, Liu Qian’s five legions of more than 4,000 people had already entered the edge of the city, hunted down nearly 200,000 black-spotted zombies, and recovered nearly one-tenth of Tranquility City. According to this progress, sooner or later, Liu Qian’s army will clean up all the zombies and monsters in Tranquility City.
On this day, during a routine call between the communication team and the prison camp, they learned that there were more and more black-spotted zombies near the prison camp. The prison camp was besieged again, and the situation was somewhat critical.
After Liu Gan learned about this situation, he decided to advance his previous plan and selected a high-level elite regiment of 800 people from the five legions, named the Galaxy Legion. After reorganization, he, Yinhe, and Na Na, Han Guangming and others led the team to find a route to the city.
The elite regiment is preparing to fight across the entire city to the southern suburbs to help the prison