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set the fire, but it was obvious that the person had disappeared.

set the fire, but it was obvious that the person had disappeared.
“Who wants to set fire to us?” Shi Xinnuo looked horrified. If Liu Gan’s iron fist and legs hadn’t forced the wall to break through, she and Liu Gan would have been burned alive in Villa No. 8. And he would be killed by the thick smoke.
“Who else could it be? Either an evil spirit or someone from the evil camp.” Liu Gan snorted coldly.
The fire in Villa No. 8, which had been doused with gasoline, was getting bigger and bigger. Liu Qian and Shi Xinnuo first found a place to hide. After everyone was alerted and the fire trucks were dispatched, they pretended to be onlookers and moved closer.
After the fire was extinguished, the entire Villa No. 8 had burned down to nothing but empty shelves. The firefighters found some things inside, including the bronze statue. They had no right to dispose of it, so they handed it over after registration. The property department of Qingyuan Community has temporarily deposited it.
After a long night of tossing, it was almost dawn. After Liu Qian said goodbye to Shi Xinnuo, he went to Room 501, Unit 2, Building 3. The old woman was in a deep sleep, and her body parameters were normal.
“There are many people who want to kill me now, and I can’t sleep.” Liu Gan shook his head. He felt that the final battle was coming soon. Who knew what would happen after he fell asleep?
“Go to sleep, I will watch you, and if anything happens, I will wake you up as soon as possible.” Liu Ruyan said to Liu Qian, and then pushed him towards her bedroom.
/What Liu Qian wanted to say remained unsaid. After being pushed to her bed by Liu Ruyan, he could no longer resist the overwhelming tiredness and quickly fell into a deep sleep.
Villa No. 11.
“Did you spread this photo?” Shi Xinnuo asked Shi Ning.
“No” Shi Ning shook his head.
“To be honest, when you entered the mission, you were randomly assigned to the evil camp, right?” Shi Xinnuo continued to question Shi Ning.
/“Sister, what did you say?” Shi Ning’s eyes were a little wandering.
“This is just a game. I don’t want to hurt our sisters’ feelings. It’s still too late for you to tell me the truth.” Shi Xinnuo continued to press Shi Ning.
The photos were leaked, she and Liu Qian were hit by a car, and set on fire. If Shi Ning did all of this, it would be terrible.
“That’s right! This is just a game. If you die, you won’t really die. Sister, are you taking it too seriously?” Shi Ning replied to Shi Xinnuo.
“Are you really from the evil camp?” Shi Xinnuo looked at Shi Ning in disbelief. She didn’t believe that Shi Ning did all the things before. There must be someone behind her to bewitch her.
“Sister, are you really from the good camp?” Shi Ning asked Shi Xinnuo in return.
When Liu Qian woke up in a cold sweat, it was almost noon.
Fortunately, he was still alive and no one took advantage of him while he was sleeping.
This time I woke up too dead. Sleeping so soundly in this dangerous mission world was indeed a very risky thing.
Although this is just a t