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angry and hated Wei He to the extreme.

angry and hated Wei He to the extreme.
The two chased and escaped, gradually moving away. Along the way, trees collapsed and the ground exploded.
Soon, the two completely disappeared from the end of the field of vision.
at this time.
Deep in the woods on one side, the soil on the ground suddenly exploded, and two figures rushed out, heading straight for Longsuomu and Golden-edged Wuyehua.
These two people had been lying in ambush nearby for a long time. They were attracted by the silence when Wei He and the tree people were fighting fiercely.
When he saw it was this tree man, he immediately hid himself and waited for the opportunity.
The Immortal Treeman is a true beast that recently followed the strong wind belt and suddenly appeared on a nearby island.
And it is not an ordinary Quanzhen beast. Two Quanzhen beasts came from the Haining League before, and they were both severely injured and fled.
The two real people were just hunting other real beasts nearby, but they didn’t expect to encounter such a good thing unexpectedly.
The weirdo just now was actually able to compete head-on with the undead tree man, and even lured it away.
This was like pie falling from the sky. The two of them immediately took action at full speed without hesitation, trying to get the treasure guarded by the immortal tree man first!
When the time comes, take something with you and run into the sea of ??people. Who knows who took it?
The two real people suddenly landed next to the precious flower. One of them put on silk gloves, quickly picked the precious flower, took it out and put it into a wooden box, and spread hay around it.
“Let’s go!” After taking the things, they turned around and ran away.
“Want to leave!? You two are lucky, you got an advantage so easily.”
/Suddenly, an extra person appeared on the side.
This man has dark skin and short hair. He looks like an old farmer who has been working in the fields all year round.
But what was different from ordinary old farmers was that this man grinned, revealing sharp and neat teeth, like the teeth of a predator.
They didn’t look like human teeth, but more like some kind of carnivorous beast.
“Hand over the treasure flower, and I can save your two lives, otherwise…hehe.” The man took a step forward, and a lotus-shaped black energy evaporated under his feet.
Hua Zhen Jin is usually light gray. If someone practices Hua Zhen Jin into black, there is no doubt that this is the color that results from super high concentrations of Hua Zhen Jin being piled together.
At this time, the black lotus rising from the feet of this old farmer-like man made the faces of the two Sanren real people turn green.
“Heilian Zhenjin… Are you Xu Chengtao from the Haining League!?” One person’s expression changed drastically and he gritted his teeth.
/“Since we know each other, leave your things and get out!” Xu Chengtao sneered.
“Xu Chengtao, as a member of the Haining League, do you think you can value such an ordinary treasure?” The other person was unwilling, “