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nds, and the voices of security guards maintaining order coming and going.

nds, and the voices of security guards maintaining order coming and going.
“It’s that girl~”
“I’ve seen her before. I was there when she came over for repairs that day.”
“I heard that Zhao Song was the one who supported her. This girl has had her hard work come to an end.”
“Yes, we usually share the time. ” A small bargain is fine, but in the matter of Miss Long, those families are missing a great virtue! ”
Looking at the thin girl holding a Huashi laptop, accompanied by her family, friends, reporters, and security guards, she slowly came to the center of the square. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger, and there were many windows in the Seabird Building. Opening it, countless spectators’ heads popped out.
Shi Tong and Zheng Nan hurriedly squeezed out of the crowd and came to Long Xiaoxiao,
“Miss Long! ”
Shi Tong was panting heavily. He was a little distracted from running just now: “Long…Ms. Long, I have something to discuss. I have something to say.”
Seeing that Shi Tong was speechless, Zheng Nan quickly said, “Ms. Long, The first two times, it was your agent and lawyer who spoke loudly, and we at Huashi had no choice but to take this step. This time we will talk alone and we will definitely give you a satisfactory solution. You see”
“Bang~~” There was
a loud sound Shi Tong and Zheng Nan stayed on the spot.

The sound of the shutter, the sound of footsteps, and the flashing lights clearly illuminated the fragments of Huashi’s notebook on the floor. He took a big hammer, bent down with red eyes, and hit the slightly complete laptop body with a hammer.
After a few hammers, Long Xiaoxiao’s eyes were not red.
It was not until the notebook was smashed that a sickly rosiness appeared on her face.
Seeing the slightly crazy look of the girl in front of her, Zheng Nan couldn’t help but shrink her neck. A bitter feeling came to my mind.
This was not the current student Zhao Song, this was a normal student who had not graduated from college.
“Among the people they looked down upon the most, there were fraudsters! I stayed for three days in their eyes of contempt and ridicule. I stayed there for three days eating steamed buns and drinking plain water. ”
Long Xiaoxiao took a step forward, her eye circles turned red again, and her tears quickly slid down her yellow face.
She stared at the two people in front of her, her compatriots, mainland compatriots who were old enough to be her parents, and turned up the volume: ” During the three days after I came out, I stayed in the room and never left. I was afraid that once I left the room, I would encounter those discriminatory and mocking eyes again. Until
she received a text message from Zhao Song.
“Girl, help me .” As a favor, I’ll go to Hainiao and smash that laptop! ”
/It’s you who are helping me. Thank you, Zhao Song!” ”
Recalling the conversation with Zhao Song in the text message, Long Xiaoxiao looked at Shi Tong and Zheng Nan and gradually showed a relaxed smile: “The agent and lawyer are st