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r is slicked back, he looks handsome, and he is as strong as old John.

r is slicked back, he looks handsome, and he is as strong as old John.
“It was true that I was in Seattle at first, but then the company closed down. A friend introduced me to SOS.”
After Little John finished speaking, the old man continued: “Last month, during the company investigation, my secretary found out that his address was in Snow Mountain Ranch, so he came to tell me. , and after asking, I found out that he was John’s son, and they looked really alike.”
“Well, now I’m an assistant here. Didn’t I write a letter and tell my father, didn’t you know?” Little John helped take out the suitcase. , motioning for Benjamin to come over.
“Maybe it was delayed on the way. The letter hasn’t arrived yet. Everyone knows the efficiency of the US Postal Service.”
Han Xuan shrugged and looked at the old man, half joking and half serious: “If you want to open a courier company, you will definitely make money.”
“Just send a few letters, earn a lot of money.” The old man pulled Han Xuan towards the elevator, laughing and cursing.
“Isn’t President Clinton promoting the information superhighway plan now? If one day you can buy things online, wouldn’t there be more express delivery?” ”
Buy online? You want Grandpa’s convenience store to close down, right?” The old man was quiet. , frowning and tapping the ground with a cane, playing with the taste: “It’s interesting.” ”
/Let’s go first, I’ve prepared food for you.”
“This place is really similar to the SOS convenience store in Billings.”
Han Xuan clipped it He put a piece of eel sushi on the plate and smiled at his grandfather: “No, it can’t be called a convenience store now, it’s a department store.” ”
I also found out that the one in Billings was renovated like this to make money. Below is a convenience store. , the upper floors are empty anyway, so instead of using them as warehouses, it is better to create some value. We have just completed the renovation of twenty-five stores, and we plan to fully roll them out in first- and second-tier cities. Ms. Whitney, you know that, right?”
“Well, see you. I’ve seen her a few times, but
she seems to be no longer in Billings now?” “I transferred her to the headquarters to take charge of department stores. First-tier luxury goods companies such as Chanel, Prada, Dior, and Versace have already agreed, and Gucci and Givenchy are almost in talks. She has now gone to the UK to discuss the settlement with Burberry.”
/“After selling and selling, in the end, it is these luxury goods that make money.”
Mr. Han bent down and picked up an empty plate, and said politely to Little John and Benjamin: ” You guys can eat something too, just do whatever you want.”
This is a cafeteria located on the eighth floor. The entire color is dark red, with small lights hanging above the tables. The surrounding walls are transformed into floor-to-ceiling glass, and outside is the center of Times Square.
Finding a table for two by the window, Han Xuan picked up a fork and put a piece of sushi into his mouth, nodding: “It tastes pretty