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round, can you? It’s up to you to keep it.”

round, can you? It’s up to you to keep it.”
“Promise to complete the mission!”
It’s awesome to finally show off! Fooled someone! So beautiful!
Half a year after his rebirth, one of the things Zhao Song was most proud of was having a vehicle pass for a government compound.
Although we belong to the neighborhood committee, we are considered a privileged class in the Xiaohe area! Zhao Song was filled with pride.
When Wen Lihua was not there, Zhao Song picked up a stack of newspapers and read them happily.
“Alibaba received an investment of US$20 million from SoftBank’s institutions!”
Zhao Song curled his lips and turned to the next page.
He sneered disdainfully.
/What makes me better than you is – I know that you will be very good in the future, but you don’t know!
This alien is not even a pig, he is a strong wind blowing a group of pigs into the sky… This alien…
pondered for a long time.
Zhao Song’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Alien-Ronaldo lost to the French team in which year? In what year did the aliens win the championship with New Year pictures on their heads?
Alienware–Alienware, what do those laptops and consoles full of metal technology look like?
There was a long silence.
“Pah! Pah!” Two slaps hit him hard on the head.
Zhao Song, have you lived like a bonobo for so many years? Apart from those ten 3T hard drives, what else do you remember?
“Why are you so crazy?” Wen Lihua came back.
Zhao Song stood up quickly and said, “Aunt Wen, it’s nothing, I just remembered the wrong things I did.”
“Hey, do you have to examine yourself three times a day?” Wen Lihua teased.
Zhao Song was stunned and said, “I will try my best to do it in the future.”
Wen Lihua smiled, handed Zhao Song a document bag, and said, “A small convenience store really needs Beijing approval?”
She opened the document bag. , which contains a detailed supply list, and is more expensive than the Dongjiao Wholesale Market.
However, expensive comes with its own reasons. Eighteen years later, the only supplier whose delivery vans can still travel unimpeded within the Fifth Ring Road in Kyoto during the day is Jingbiao. This is a behemoth state-owned enterprise with no obvious problems.
A large part of convenience stores are closely related to food. Zhao Song did not dare to be careless. Even fake Coca-Cola appeared in that magical place in the Dongjiao Market.
Seeing that Zhao Song was looking at it seriously, Wen Lihua continued: “You said you need to be down-to-earth. They made a combined supply package for you from the retail systems of Jingkelong and 7/11, and hung it on 7/11. In the future, I will follow 7/11’s orders when delivering goods to you.
Zhao Song, you have too few stores and you are not even qualified to sign a contract. Cash payment is required.”
Zhao Song nodded and said: “Yes, yes. “It’s all because of Aunt Wen.”
“Zhao Song, I’ve seen your one-kilometer house. It’s so well decorated. Do you really want to sell vegetables?”
Zhao Song nodded: “Put a vegetable rack in a corner. ” ,