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magical thing, but maybe I have been in 507 for a long time and have seen some weird people, so Xiaobing’s situation is It seems to me that it is just a little higher than the normal range. In other bases of 507, there are even some people who cannot be released casually, and those people are the real magic.”

What he said made me more and more curious about the origin of Institute 507. They can set up a base in the barracks and specialize in training these people with special abilities.
/“What about me? Why do I receive your special care?”
I asked after a moment of silence.
“Actually, you were only among the candidates we assessed at the beginning. We later found out that there was an evil ghost in the prison, and we wanted to send someone over to clear it up. But when the official approval came out, we were ready to take action. But I heard that the evil spirit had been killed. My colleague at the time was also the leader of another group, and the one who called you was very strange. After investigating the situation, he found out your name and made a comparison. Detailed investigation. I found that you have been in this industry for only half a year, but you have encountered many adventures and always survived. My colleagues think that you may just be lucky, but in my opinion, there are so many coincidences and luck. There must be something special about you, so I took your information from him. I didn’t expect you to be a special person.
“How am I special? ” I can’t even save my life.”
I shook my head and said.
“Five times of reversal, your luck will not die. It means that your physique is special. It’s not that we haven’t done tests, and it’s not that we don’t have information in this regard. Many people who practice Qigong have the idea of ??quick success. But in the end they often go astray. , there are many people who die after reversing their luck once, and almost all of them died on the spot after reversing their luck twice. But you can still stand in front of me and talk to me in good health. You say this is luck. Say this is not the case. Secondly, it is the physical changes that occur after you reverse your luck. It is true that all people who reversed their luck in the past can achieve short-term improvements in their use of Qi that they cannot achieve through cultivation. High. But there is a limit to this height. Before you, I have not found anyone who has just practiced for less than half a month, or just over a month, and can actually use the Five Elements spell like we did in the past. The survey shows that after reversing luck, the control of breath will basically increase by two times. But based on your base, it is impossible to release the five elements spell even if it is doubled, so this is another incredible thing. The whole encounter, from the encounter with the female ghost by the Mosuo people, to the many near misses after that, is your life really that good? Many of your experiences would have been fatal to any of us, but you were not. , if you insist that this is also luck,