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, and then lightly touched the two swords. He only heard a “bang” sound, which was extremely loud and bursting. A terrible fire!

, and then lightly touched the two swords. He only heard a “bang” sound, which was extremely loud and bursting. A terrible fire!
“What’s going on?” I asked in surprise.
Shi Qing laughed loudly, and then touched it again. This time the sound was still very loud, and a large amount of fire was released from the sword. Shi Qing laughed continuously, and then he handed the broken sword back to me, and he He put the red tiger back into the scabbard and put it into the sword box.
“Now I can tell you for sure that your friend is very interesting.” He turned around and said with a smile.
“What’s going on here? Brother Shi Qing, please tell me.” Qian Liyulang asked curiously.
“We have to start with the sword in Brother Ba’s hand. There have been many legends about this sword in the circle. Of course, those were all hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, not all sword practitioners I don’t know what’s going on here. We swordsmen pursue two things throughout our lives, one is more exquisite swordsmanship, and the other is the sword that suits us best. I’m very happy that Red Tiger is the sword that suits me best. I found it myself. But not everyone is as satisfied as me. I heard the rumor about the Heavenly Sword when I first started practicing swordsmanship
. Startled.
“Yes, it is said that about two or three thousand years ago, I don’t know how many years ago. A huge fireball fell from the sky. People at that time did not have the cultural level of modern people. In fact, it was a meteorite that fell from the sky. People approached this It was discovered that there was a sword hidden inside the meteorite. This sword came from the sky and was regarded as a weapon of the gods. According to legend, this sword was extremely powerful and could cut through mountains and rivers even if it was used by a three-year-old child. It can also kill peerless masters. At that time, many wars were fought to compete for this alien sword, and the princes and emperors who obtained this sword were very impressive. Later, some immortals collected this sword.
Let ‘s go, a thousand years later, when the Xianjia Cave was discovered, the sword appeared again, which caused many disputes in the world. In the end, the sword fell into the hands of the demon king Huang Ku. Only then did I know why the boss of Sanfu Tea House said that this sword had a deep connection with the demon clan.
/“Huangku, you should know. He is the strongest demon king in history. He almost leveled the Daomen Shuangshan Mountains. He allowed the demon clan to dominate the world, but in the end it disappeared. Why did it disappear? Where did it go after it disappeared? , no one knew. But the sword was left behind, and when it was found again, it was broken.
“Who cut it off ?” “Yes?” Qian Liyulang asked hurriedly.
“No one knows, and I don’t know either. In fact, this is one of the unsolved mysteries in the entire world. After becoming a broken sword, the sword is still as sharp as iron. But it seems to lack spirituality, but it is still loved by others. It was so p