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urn rapidly, and a series of sparks “crackled” appeared.

urn rapidly, and a series of sparks “crackled” appeared.
“There is a door!”
I was pleasantly surprised, so I tore off a few pieces of cloth from the house, filled them with hay, and then put a large amount of fertilizer into the hay. Then put the cloth on the fire and burn it. It burns quickly because hay is a flammable substance.
“Luo Qiong, open a crack!”
/I shouted while holding the burned cloth. Although Luo Qiong didn’t understand what was going on, he immediately followed suit and opened the door a crack. Then he saw me opening the door a crack. The burning ball of cloth was thrown out. The black cat instinctively avoided the flames when it saw it. Several black cats that surrounded the door and attacked crazily were frightened and backed away. The cloth did not explode immediately when it hit the ground. I asked Luo Qiong to close the door. After a while, the black cats surrounded them and continued to attack the wooden door.
“Brother Shan, what did you just do? Light these cats on fire?”
Luo Qiong asked strangely.
I frowned. I have never tested the idea of ??fertilizer explosion before. Today is the first time. If it doesn’t happen, we may have to stick to it for a moment, but if it does,
The thoughts in my mind were interrupted by a loud noise, and the fertilizer exploded! Obviously it needs to be charged and burned before it explodes. Then came the screams of the black cats. This time it must have killed several wild cats, and it must have been quite powerful.
“Haha, come again.”
I laughed wildly in my heart. But when I looked back, I saw that the hay ball that had just been ignited had spread and burned towards the fertilizer bag. I was shocked, it was so strange. A corner of the fertilizer bag was already lit by flames. I quickly grabbed Luo Qiong and ran outside.
“Brother Shan, what are you doing?”
Luo Qiong asked me in surprise.
“Run quickly, or you will die if you don’t run!”
I shouted, pulling Luo Qiong out of the house, and saw the flames burning on the ground, and the black cats burned to death all around. Death makes other black cats even crazier, and they will bite us immediately when they see us.
“Luo Qiong, run!”
I didn’t care at this moment, pulling Luo Qiong forward and running forward. After running five or six meters, the wooden house behind me made an astonishing loud noise, and the entire roof was blown away by powerful flames. The terrible flames impacted outwards, killing all the approaching black cats.
I pulled Luo Qiong and fell to the ground. I felt a gust of hot wind blowing above my head. I shook my head and patted the dust off my head. Slowly stood up from the ground.
/“Are you okay?”
I asked.
Luo Qiong shook his head, wiped his face, and looked back. Most of the black cats had been killed by the explosion. Only a few survived, but they were also seriously injured. The one closest to us was okay, but had a huge bloody hole in one of its hind legs. Baring his teeth at us, showing hostility.
“I’m going to kill it.”
I wanted to kill the black c