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ot mainly focused on alchemy. Most of them come with one, and some come with two.

ot mainly focused on alchemy. Most of them come with one, and some come with two.
Gu Lude was obsessed with alchemy and had no reaction to Leford’s attack. Instead, when he saw Lin Yun, he started to discuss alchemy with Lin Yun.
/Raphael finally rescued Lin Yun.
“Your Excellency Mafa, the more than twenty people here are all creators of various forces. When attending the party, only the creators themselves can come, and no one else can follow.
Let me introduce you to the people here. , that idiot Lyford, you don’t have to worry about him. This guy doesn’t dare to cause anything during the party. Starry Sky Academy attaches great importance to this party and will never let anyone ruin it,
who is from the Kingdom of Andalusia like you . I won’t introduce you to the members of the Deward family. Don’t worry about this guy. He is just a paranoid and crazy alchemist. Have you seen the two guys with alchemy machines in their left arms? ”
Rafi ?” As he spoke, he looked in one direction and gave Lin Yun some guidance.
Lin Yun nodded. When he arrived here just now, he was the first to notice that the two mages whose left hands were obviously alchemy machines. Moreover, it was not just a layer of skin covering the hands, but the arms had been cut off and replaced with The alchemy mechanical arm.
The entire world of Northrend can do this because it adheres to the concept that flesh and blood will always have an impact when conducting some alchemical experiments, and magic power will also affect the results of many alchemical experiments. , so they replaced one of their hands with an alchemy machine to ensure perfect operation and eliminate anything that could affect the results of the alchemy experiment.
The alchemy mechanical arm can do a lot of things that human hands cannot do, and without using magic power, their accuracy will be very high in many special alchemy experiments.
If you can do this, change your left arm into an alchemy arm, and appear here to attend the Starry Sky Academy party, then there is only one family left, the Mosh family.
They are not a pure alchemist force. On the contrary, they are a mage force that focuses on magic. However, due to a change a long time ago, a branch appeared in the Mosh family, and this branch was specifically focused on alchemy.
This is something Lin Yun already knew, because the mechanical alchemists of the Mosh family will be very famous in the future. Many alchemical items that are very precise and complex, but cannot be made with the help of magic power, can only be made by the Mosh family. Alchemy produces products of the highest quality.
Cutting off the arm and replacing it with a mechanical arm is also unique to this era. More than two thousand years later, the alchemists of the Mosh family will find a way to fuse flesh and blood with the mechanical arm, perfectly taking into account both. This was also the turning point when the alchemist branch of the Mosh family finally completely surpassed the mage branch and became the master of the Mosh fa