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me is Luo Dichen.”

me is Luo Dichen.”
“Luo Dichen?” Fang Yuzhuo was stunned, with astonishment in his eyes. , there was no reaction for a moment.
/Suddenly, the eldest young master of the Fang family seemed to have thought of something. He opened his mouth and looked at Zhou Jijun with a look of disbelief on his face.
“Stop joking, Jun.” When he read the word “Jun”, the eldest young master of the Fang family’s face froze, and his open mouth could no longer be closed. No longer, the thin figure that had faded away many years ago gradually emerged from the bottom of my heart, slowly became clear, and inch by inch merged with the energetic young man in front of me.
“You are Zhou Jijun!” Fang Yuzhuo’s body shook violently, and he shouted out with the last bit of strength in his body.
His face was extremely pale, his face twitched, as if he had seen something incredible, and his whole body was trembling.
The notorious trash has actually come back, with such unfathomable strength, he has taken the alias Mr. Jun and made a name for himself in the capital. And I… I was hailed as a child prodigy in the capital more than ten years ago, and was as different from Zhou Jijun as a world away. But now, for some reason, my progress in martial arts has become slower and slower. I have been left far behind by the four major princes in the capital, and my reputation is gradually increasing. weak. Even the children who were scolded and bullied by me in the past suddenly turned into beings who could wipe out the blood shadow group with a wave of their hands, playing with me in the middle of applause. God is kidding me? Hallucination, must be
hallucination. Fang Yuzhuo’s confused eyes wandered, he didn’t dare to look at Zhou Jijun, he just kept talking nonsense in a low voice, which was already a mess. The three Wuhou realm warriors behind him looked at Zhou Jijun warily. The long sword in his waist was half a foot out of its sheath, and his palms were covered with beads of sweat.
“Fang Yuzhuo, how do you want to die?”
The angry shout hit Fang Yuzhuo like thunder. The young man in brocade shuddered and slowly raised his head, his face changed with gloom and light, but gradually revealed a ferocious smile.
“Hahahaha, Zhou Jijun, a loser like you, dare to kill me? What a big joke.”
As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly blurred, but in the blink of an eye, the young man in white crossed ten steps and appeared in front of him. Zhou Jijun was suspended in the air, his sharp eyes like a hawk and vulture looking down at the eldest young master of the Fang family who could not help but tremble and retreat. In the ethereal night, his slowly fluttering white clothes looked like ghosts and ghosts, and the aura rising from his body was like a god. Looking directly at the three Blood Shadow Group warriors behind Fang Yuzhuo, their hearts grew cold, and their hands holding the handles of their knives were extremely stiff.
“I don’t dare to kill you? Do you know who I am? Yes, I am the good-for-nothing Zhou Jijun who was despised by tho