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alone and must have someone to rely on. I hope you don’t underestimate the enemy.”

alone and must have someone to rely on. I hope you don’t underestimate the enemy.”
A clear voice came from a distance, and it was a few people floating in the air. The male and female monks spoke.
Among the monks who were watching, these were the ones with the highest cultivation level. They seemed to be experts from the surrounding sects of Tiandao Sect. They all stood together and watched together.
/Tianyi Dao was a burly, dark man with a special broadsword twisted into an S shape on his back. Hearing this, he just bowed his hands towards those people.
Then he walked to the archway and sat down cross-legged. Disciples had already prepared a futon on the ground. There were brothers guarding him on both sides. An incense burner was moved in front of him. The aroma lingered and slowly spread around.
Time passed slowly, and the sun gradually rose from the east to the top of the head.
Arrive at noon.
Tianyi Dao slowly opened his eyes, glanced at the sky, and frowned slightly.
“There hasn’t been any movement yet, faction leader.”
An elder beside him whispered.
“There’s no rush.” ??Tianyi Dao said calmly. I was about to continue to pranayama with my eyes closed.
Suddenly, a man in black flew slowly from the sky in the distance.
What the man wore on his face was the mask of the Three-Eyed Lord described by the disciples earlier. The silver mask faintly reflects light, which is dazzling and can be noticed from a distance.
“Here he comes!”
“Here he comes! That’s the one!”
“The three-eyed mask is really arrogant. The three-eyed king has always fought on behalf of the God of War. Anyone who dares to use this disguise must have great confidence in himself.”
The monks watched. He began to feel faintly restless.
“If it were me, I would definitely not be so arrogant when surrounded by enemies and fly over directly. This is treating everyone in the Tiandao Sect as nothing.”
A young monk shook his head.
“This is the aura of courage.”
“Perhaps, in my opinion, it is more courageous and foolhardy.”
Regardless of what other people think, Tianyi Dao slowly stood up and stared into the air.
“Now that you are here, I will give you back the gift three days ago today.” He looked solemn, stretched out his hand and slowly held the scimitar behind his back.
Lin Xin flew to a hundred meters opposite the Tianyi Knife and slowly fell down.
Everyone around the two people quickly left, leaving space for them.
Lin Xin glanced at the densely packed scene with hundreds of people around him. This was only close up. In the distance, there were vague auras standing in the forest, and there were about hundreds of them. There is a lot of obscure and powerful atmosphere in it. I sighed in my heart that the Zhongfu was really a master.
He also focused his attention on the Tianyi Sword.
“Are you the Tianyi Knife?”
“Who are you?” Tianyi Knife slowly pulled out the scimitar. The scimitar went in like a noodle. It was soft at first. As she spat out the force from her hand, the entire blade suddenly shook. Sha