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so wanted to induce Miss “Magician” to go into the trap of the treasure on the surface. , if it weren’t for the lack of level at the time, the huge difference in strength, and the fear of causing unnecessary accidents, he would have made plans before.

Because of this, after confirming the status of the “stealer” who passed through the demigod, he started the elimination according to the predetermined plan.
With memories floating around, Klein responded to Leonard’s question with a sigh:
After a second’s pause, he asked proactively:
“Why didn’t you find an opportunity to inform the Church of the Night about the arrival of Amon’s clone in Backlund before?”
Leonard quickly began to explain, “If Amon’s true form arrives, a god will descend.” “Amon can see the corresponding changes in fate through the death of the clone, thereby finding the source of the disturbance and grasping the approximate scope of activities of the manipulator behind the scenes.” “Amon’s style revolves around a superficial clone, hiding dozens, dozens, or even hundreds of clones.” “Amon’s clones can parasitize in the bodies of various spiritual creatures. They are not demigods, so they can be parasitized.” “Undetectable” and other situations were roughly described.
At the end, Leonard told Klein in detail the example of stealing destiny given by the old man.
This sent shivers down Klein’s spine. He was glad that he didn’t deal with Amon recklessly last time, otherwise Mr. Fool might have replaced him.
/No wonder Leonard didn’t report it before… Amon showed up so arrogantly, it turns out he was fishing, and there are more clones hidden in the dark, and can parasitize tiny creatures in the air… This is just a thought , it makes people’s scalp numb. The creatures I can currently control simply cannot reach this level. The smaller they are, the less obvious the spiritual line is. It is quite special… Hey, I can’t use the power of the church unless There is someone who should report this matter without any problems… Klein felt a pang of regret in his heart, and became more aware of Amon’s terror, and his impression became more and more profound.
In his opinion, Leonard was originally a good candidate to report to the Church of the Night, but with Pales Zoroastrian living in his body, he did not dare to expose his existence to Amon’s gaze.
In addition, “The Hanged Man” can also assume this responsibility, but it cannot provide an intelligence source that convinces Amon. This means that there is a problem and deserves in-depth investigation.
One choice after another flashed through Klein’s mind, and finally it settled on himself, on the two identities of Klein Moretti and Gehrman Sparrow!
“As a beloved of the night, it was very reasonable for me to inform the church about Amon’s appearance in Backlund, and Amon couldn’t fault it;
“And as a ‘Cunning Mage’ who fought against the ‘Stealer’ path demigod tonight and saw Amon with his own eyes, it is normal to know that the clone of the ‘Angel of Time’ has come to Backlund. Makin