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the person above me also let go of his hand. I waved my arms, trying to catch something, but I couldn’t catch anything, and the whole person began to fall rapidly.”

“After that, I would wake up in panic, with sweat all over my back and forehead.”
Klein put his hand on his forehead, tapped it lightly, and pretended to be thinking, and then composed the following words:
“Mr. Meier, simple nightmares, similar nightmares, and continuous nightmares are psychological problems with corresponding roots. The recurrence of the same nightmare is a reminder to you from your spirituality and a revelation from the gods. ”
Seeing Joyce’s puzzled expression, he explained in depth:
“Don’t doubt it, ordinary people’s spirituality will also give them certain reminders.”
“I don’t know exactly what happened on the Alfalfa, but I can see that it was a tragedy with blood and iron as the protagonists, and it left a deep, deep shadow on you.”
/Seeing Joyce nodding slightly, Klein continued to explain:
/“When you are on a boat, you must be scared, you are scared, and in this extreme emotion, humans can easily lose their ability to observe and ignore many details that should not be ignored, but this does not mean that you do not see them, you just ignore them. Got it, got it? Ignore it.”
“In your subconscious, in your spirituality, the ignored details still exist. If the things it points to are important enough, then your spirituality will remind you, in the way of dreams.”
“Mr. Youniskin, who fell into the bloody ocean because you let go, did he pray to you on the ship, but still couldn’t escape his fate?”
Joyce twisted his body unnaturally and opened his mouth several times before answering:
“Yes, but I don’t sympathize with him. Maybe in a few days, maybe a week, you will be able to see from the newspapers what a cruel and hateful villain he is. He raped and killed at least three ladies. A baby is thrown into a violent sea and leads a horde of irrational beasts in a massacre of passengers and crew.”
“He is cunning, strong, and evil. I dare not and cannot stop, otherwise it will cost me my life.”
“I don’t question what you did.” Klein first gave his attitude, and then explained, “It’s just that your dream told me that you were regretting it, regretting it, and thinking that you shouldn’t let go. Since you think killing It was a just thing to let go of him, so why do I feel regretful and regretful, so much so that I repeatedly dream about letting go?”
“I don’t know either” Joyce shook his head in confusion.
Klein crossed his hands, placed them on his chin, and tentatively analyzed:
“Based on what I just described, have you overlooked anything about this matter, such as what Yuniskin mentioned, the content of the plea, the posture shown, etc., etc., I cannot recall it for you, please be careful think.”
“Without him, he only had time to say “spare me, I surrender,” Joyce said to himself, full of doubts.
Klein didn’t know the specific process, so he could only give guidance based on the dream:
“Then do you think Yuniskin’s s