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tigation of the Church of Storms. I will hint to them that you and I are on the same side.”

So, I was considered by the Church of Storms to be the person from MI9, Klein, who nodded gently and didn’t say much.
Ireland looked at Daniz next to him and asked tentatively:
“Haha.” Daniz laughed dryly and imitated someone, “Guess.”
“Then I don’t think so.” Ireland responded tacitly.
After briefly explaining the matter, Klein came to the side of the ship and looked at the mist-shrouded Bansi Port, guarding against hidden dangers.
Time passed by, and the peaks of the coastal mountains once again lit up with the light of thunderstorms.
A series of silvery and violent lightning flashed there and gradually subsided.
The fog in Bansi Port began to dissipate, and the light of the red moon became clearer and clearer.
When Klein saw this scene, he didn’t dare to relax completely.
After more than half an hour, three men who called themselves “Punishers” came to the dock and asked to see Captain Ireland.
After being confirmed by Gehrman Sparrow’s divination and deceiving the opponent once, Ireland asked the sailor to lower the gangway.
The three “punishers” first signaled the surrounding crew members to leave, and then lowered their voices to report the situation to the captain.
Klein did not move closer to listen, but patiently waited for the matter to end.
A few minutes later, Ireland returned Bishop Miller’s legacy characteristics to the “Punishers” and watched them leave the White Agate to deal with the mess in various places.
Hu Erlan breathed out, came to the side of Klein and Daniz, and said in a relaxed yet fearful voice, “The matter has been resolved, there is no problem anymore.”
Is it really solved? Klein suddenly thought of Pavocott and Melanie behind the telegraph office door, of Fox, the owner of the Green Lemon Restaurant, and of the overnight guests who were quietly watching him.
Ireland continued:
“The specific thing is this. Jace accidentally discovered that the ancient custom of cannibalism and the tradition of human sacrifice were reviving, and confirmed that a small number of people in Bansi Port had become cultists.
“He hurriedly returned to the church and reported to Bishop Miller. What he didn’t expect was that the leader of the cult in front of him was the real degenerate. His neck was cut off by Miller’s wind blade on the spot and he died in the Lord’s church. Inside.
“Miller was about to dispose of the body when he was discovered by the servants, and things got out of hand.
“Some servants were transformed into monsters, and some hid underground under the guidance of priests.
“Seeing that he could no longer hide it, Miller left the church, gathered the cultists, and headed to the altar on the top of the mountain. The weather changed because of this. After the punishment agent took out three sealed objects, he rushed over and a fierce battle broke out.
/“During this process, Miller was injured and escaped, while the remaining cultists held on to the altar and were eventually