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erent from what I’ve heard.” Hull asked.

Hearing this, Philip’s expression instantly became gloomy. After a while, he sighed: “I am in a huge family. As children of aristocratic families, it is impossible for us to leave the family to do anything. Starting from scratch is not for us. To say it is simply impossible.
“Even if someone dares to do that, he will always run into obstacles. So for us, the children of aristocratic families, the only way to get ahead is to compete for the limited family positions.”
Philip did not continue, but Hull already understood what he meant. It was not that he had never seen the dirty deals done by the politicians of Van See. Although it was impossible to be so unscrupulous in the family competition, but behind the scenes Slandering and creating rumors everywhere are definitely the most basic methods.
As for describing Philip as a playboy with a corrupt life, another intention must be to let the Dockman family know about this matter. There must be many people in the two families who are very willing to see the marriage between Philip and the Marquis of Dockman. The marriage relationship was dissolved.
Hull did not need to continue asking about the subsequent story, because he already knew everything from Philip’s memories.
Philip may have never had a real love experience, but he is a man after all. Like most children of aristocratic families, he is always surrounded by young and beautiful maids.
These maids are all teenage farm girls from poor backgrounds. They work as servants in rich families. Not only are they well-paid, but they can also increase their worldly reputation.
/Almost all of the more beautiful maids have a dream to charm their male masters. Although they don’t dare to expect to reach the sky in one step, it is easy to obtain some benefits.
Hull knew that quite a few of the female accountants and cashiers in many factories in Beru, or the female foremen in textile factories, had this status.
Even if a child of an aristocratic family no longer has status, it is easy to insert someone into the family’s property.
Philip was too energetic for a while, and he had ambiguous relationships with all the maids around him, which just gave his secret enemies a good opportunity. Since those maids who slept with Philip did so for profit, then naturally they could also do it for their own benefit. Profits betray the male master.
Knowing that this was the biggest pain in Phillip’s heart, Hull certainly would not touch it.
After walking around the Philip family’s private school and listening to this guy talk about some trivial matters from those years, it was obvious that in Philip’s memory, elementary school and middle school were far less exciting than his years at Polytechnic.
/Unlike at Polis, he didn’t even have anyone he could truly call a friend here. Almost all of his classmates were his relatives. Even children already knew how to fight for their future positions. As for the teachers, Most of them are also members of the family, and they are people who are not very s