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xcept for a few careerists, most nobles did not want to see the kingdom fall into endless internal strife. The royal family, in particular, is worried about escalating internal strife.

Either intentionally guiding, or attacking from the side. Even though he came out to play opposite sides, he did not let off much steam during the debate.
There are too many smart people, and Hudson is helpless. It wasn’t until I got home that my tense nerves relaxed.
Hearing Melissa’s complaint, Hudson’s eyes immediately turned resentful. His family status had just been -1 when his son was born. It would have been worse if he had had more children.
“Don’t worry, Melissa. I’m an excellent magician, there will be no problem. See how happy little Franz is smiling?”
The cowhide whistle was very loud, but my son didn’t give him face. As soon as he finished speaking, Franz’s smile disappeared, followed by a burst of crying.
Seeing this scene, Melissa snatched her son directly from Hudson’s hands, never giving him a chance to play with it again.
What’s even more irritating is that when little Franz is in Melissa’s hands, his cute smiling face returns, which makes Hudson miserable.
Deep down in his heart, he had decided to develop papermaking technology and prepare a few more homework books for Franz to let him know the dangers of society in advance.
In the Hessian Kingdom, looking at the overreaction of the Alpha Kingdom, Alexander V didn’t know how to end it for a while.
The standing army wandered around the border and was immediately mobilized, making the situation on the border extremely tense.
The issue that needs to be considered now is not only whether to call, but also whether they will call.
If the forest is big, there will be all kinds of birds, and if there are more nobles, all kinds of strange things will appear. Because of a few fools, a war was triggered. Too many things happened in the continent of Aslant.
“Claude wrote to me, stating all the pros and cons, and expressing his opposition to provoking a war. What do you think?”
asked Alexander V.
He is still very satisfied with this son. Ordinary people would panic when encountering such a thing, but Claude was able to deal with it rationally and not be swayed by emotions.
It’s a pity that Claude is not the eldest son, otherwise the next generation of the Hessian Kingdom would be guaranteed. Of course, the boss is pretty good too. Apart from being a little too ambitious, there is nothing wrong with him.
It is normal for young people to be arrogant and arrogant. It will be fine when you get older and your mentality slowly calms down.
“Your Majesty, Your Highness is very insightful and his analysis of the problem is very pertinent. The Alpha Kingdom is a quagmire.
/Judging from the reaction of their domestic nobles, we know that these guys are born for war and have no idea what politics is.
He must have been fighting with the orcs all year round, which has knocked their brains out. The first thing that comes to mind when encountering a problem is war.
There is n