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t will definitely not be as good as when they were in their heyday, but their strength is also much stronger than that of ordinary demon kings, especially This world snake, its dark aura field can control gravity, is really a terrifying existence. I wonder if you can seriously injure it.”

At this moment, the military plane was flying rapidly towards Easter Island. Gradually, the black dragon in the distant sky gradually grew larger. Below it, the protective layer of the light curtain had been completely broken, and the entire Easter Island was almost directly facing it. The black dragon attacked, but what is strange is that the black dragon did not fly downwards, but hovered in mid-air, roaring loudly towards the ground, and the roar of the dragon could be heard for dozens of times. kilometers away.
Everyone looked out through the plane door. They looked at this behemoth in surprise and horror. Everyone stared at it. Except for Gong Yeyu who was silent there, the others were muttering about the legendary fantasy species. These are the words.
“It seems to be afraid of something.” Gong Yeyu looked outside the cabin door for a long time, and then he suddenly said.
/Valosti frowned. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and shouted to the cab: “Raise the plane and turn it sideways. We want to look at Easter Island!”
The answer of accepting the order came from the cab. Not long after, the transport plane turned sideways, allowing everyone to see the panoramic view of the black dragon and Easter Island more clearly. Sure enough, the black dragon really was I was worried about something in the middle of Easter Island, and actually stretched out an arm that was at least more than a hundred meters long!
This arm was covered in silver, as if made of metal and machinery. It stretched out from the giant building in the center of Easter Island, standing up to a height of over a hundred meters. The palm of its hand was at least as big as a fist. About a few dozen meters away, people could really stand on their fists and run horses on their arms, but that was nothing. Only then did everyone hear a sound coming from Easter Island, in addition to the ethereal and illusory dragon roar. In addition, at this moment, there was another violent and huge roaring sound, like the sound of a volcanic eruption or a nuclear bomb. The roar seemed to form a sound shock wave in the center of Easter Island, far away towards the entire Resurrection Island. The island swept past.
“The Oberis Titan Soldiers and the others can indeed activate the intermediate soul defense system.” Varosti looked stupidly at the giant arm stretched out on the ground, as if he couldn’t believe what he saw. After a long time, he roared angrily: “Damn, they are committing murder! There is no way the life forms in the spiritual pool can withstand this kind of load, they will all die! How can you activate Oberis?” Giant God Soldier!? If it goes crazy, it will probably be more destructive than the World Serpent! Are these pigs in the government so afraid of death!?”