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deduce it and found that it is a A special refining furnace, you can use this refining furnace to refine things that cannot be refined normally.”

“City in the Sky, Mysterious Furnace, Thunder God’s Whip.” Hull kept reciting these three names silently in his heart, and they kept spinning in his mind like a revolving lantern.
Suddenly a flash of lightning flashed through Hel’s mind, and everything came together perfectly.
The letter sent back from the Immortal King also mentioned that making the Thunder God’s Whip requires a special step, which is to gather and compress thunder and lightning into substance.
Where does such huge lightning energy come from?
/Originally, they all thought that the Gesha Empire might gather the lightning demon generals across the country to extract energy from their bodies, but the existence of the Sky City and the furnace in the center of the Sky City reminded Hel of another possibility.
The most abundant source of thunder and lightning in nature is thunderclouds. Thunderclouds also exist in this world, but they are beyond the reach of human power.
The furnace that the little old man said can most likely strengthen the role of the domain. It can strengthen the role of the domain in a small area. It can also be done with the ability of the Immortal King. According to legend, the gods can even solidify the domain in a certain space. Power, this kind of space is called the divine space.
/In this way, what is missing in making the Thunder God’s Whip is not the strength of the domain, but the ability to control the domain. Then there is a very reasonable explanation for the inexplicable things Surunaba did. Sulenaba must have mastered some method to synchronize the consciousness of other people with him, and finally form some kind of spiritual resonance. .
According to the Immortal King, Kesdu has studied spiritual resonance to the extreme. In his later years, spiritual resonance has been used in many places.
Spiritual resonance can be used for meditation, producing an effect similar to a magic furnace. Spiritual resonance can also be used to cast spells together, allowing a group of low-level magicians to also perform legendary-level magic. Spiritual resonance can even be used in war, allowing dozens of Hundreds of magicians use magic to attack the enemy as if they have one mind.
However, the height that Surunaba reached seems to be even better than that of Kasdu.
There were nine people gathered around a long table.
These people, both men and women, were all sitting there with their eyes closed and attentively. There was a crystal clear ball in the center of the table.
Originally, the nine people had different expressions. The half-elf girl would frown from time to time, Jack would wake up midway, the elf Karl always had a stern face, and the dwarf Qiu had a playful and smiling face. Only the one-horned demon Anu’s face would always be… No expression can be seen.
But I don’t know since when, the expressions of the nine people have become more and more consistent, and the spiri