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ers away from the monastery. If you want to observe the monastery from here, you can only rely on magic such as ghost eyes and devil eyes.

However, the people on the chariot did not intend to alert the snake at this moment. They divided all the people into two groups according to the pre-planned plan. One group only had three people. These three people led a group of Six-winged Arrow Spinosaurus to occupy their respective areas. Up a hill.
These three hills are the surveillance points that Cogwheel decided on after looking at the map for a long time. Their duty is to prevent someone from attacking the team from behind.
Unlike the Holy See who placed magical surveillance devices everywhere, Hull believed more in the senses of animals, so Gear brought a lot of sensitive monsters with him before setting off.
Six Shadow Wolves roam the surroundings, these canine cousins ??who are the finest hunters and guardians, with their senses of smell, hearing, and vision all superb.
There are even sharper eyes in the sky. Night owls are as silent as ghosts flying in the night sky. Their relatives, owls, already have very strong night vision, but they are a hundred times stronger than owls.
Dark-scaled snake dragons curled their bodies on the ground. They were not resting, but sensing the vibrations of the ground. This kind of flying dragon could sense the footsteps of outsiders hundreds of meters away.
/A huge surveillance network was quickly spread around the monastery. Although this network still had loopholes, after all, the surrounding defense line was too wide, and the three people had no way to monitor it, but it was better than being seen through.
The bet of the gear is that even if someone attacks from behind, it is impossible for them to come in through that small loophole.
After the lookout posts were set up, the men in charge of the attack carefully moved towards their target. They needed to get as close as possible to the monastery.
The monastery opposite has artillery, and there are a lot of them. There is even a 150mm heavy cannon aimed at the avenue in front of the door.
If hit by this cannon, let alone a chariot, even a castle would have a big hole.
The opponent had obviously anticipated that these artillery pieces would not have the opportunity to fire continuously, so apart from the loaded shell, there were only three or four spare shells nearby. Even if they wanted to detonate the ammunition depot like Hull did last time, they would not be able to do it.
/The outer walls of the monastery have almost been flattened, and you can see that all the doors and windows have been sealed with cement. Only a row of rooms remains intact, which seems to be used by the guards.
This monastery can be regarded as one of the more important strongholds of the Inquisition, so the number of guards is slightly larger, about one hundred, twenty, or thirty people.
These guards were divided into three shifts and took turns to rest. Their positions were the more than 30 artillery pieces. These forts were also made like turtle