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he like everywhere.

From this point of view, the gray world is indeed somewhat similar to it.
In addition, the monsters in the inner world are stronger and weirder than those in the outer world. They directly reflect the most negative emotions deep in human hearts. There are corpses everywhere.
/But Wei Xiaobei, who has been in the gray world for so long, knows that this gray world is not that simple. It is more inclined to a materialized world related to most human beings’ fantasies and even brain waves, etc., rather than a simple world. reaction to the dark side of the heart.
Let’s put it this way, Wei Xiaobei feels that the level of this gray world is much higher than that of the inner world.
But what Zhou Xingyuan said is not completely wrong. After all, the nature of this gray world is slightly similar to that of the inner and outer world.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was impressed that Zhou Xingyuan actually knew about a relatively new world setting like the Inner World.
You know, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, a middle-aged successful person like Zhou Xingyuan, who is close to forty years old, is sitting in a luxurious office, drinking coffee, with a beautiful secretary delivering documents standing in front of him, and having a cocktail party held in an upper class society. It is absolutely impossible to watch this kind of movie and play this kind of game where you are fighting with others and so on.
Seeing the surprised look on Wei Xiaobei’s face, Zhou Xingyuan said with some embarrassment: “My son likes to play games. I also knew a little about it when I played with him.”
A father who can spend time playing with his son should be considered a good father. Of course, Wei Xiaobei is not willing to deal with matters such as keeping a mistress outside.
“Huijie, you also understand a little bit. Let me tell you about your future plans.”
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to waste too much time in this coffee shop. For Wei Xiaobei, in reality, every minute and every second should be spent on studying, etc., rather than sitting with others. Let’s drink coffee together, bullshit.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei’s speech seemed more direct at this time, as if Zhou Xingyuan’s leader was understanding Zhou Xingyuan’s work situation.
But Zhou Xingyuan was not dissatisfied with this. After his series of experiences in the gray world, he was able to fully understand what the strength of the young man sitting in front of him meant.
The ultimate master!
Let’s put it this way, Cuihu City is a larger city in the southwest, with a relatively large population flow. As Zhou Xingyuan, who has a relatively high status, status, and power in Cuihu City, he has met many people.
In any case, no matter whether they are martial arts masters or fighting masters, they are not gods. They can neither eat food nor eat food, nor can they live without food. They all need to eat to support their families.
The security company under the leadership of Zhou Xingyuan can provide these highly skilled experts with a well-paying job.
Right now, there are no less than